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  • Danny Cooksey is beyond awesome.

    Man, it was so weird when I stumbled across some information on him (Wikipedia) and I found, to my immense surprise, that all the character's he voiced were always my favorite in the show. He is definitely an incredible voice actor, practically the only one who's name I actually know and remember. Jack Spicer has got to be one of the best cartoon characters ever- not to mention he can pull off, to quote Halfhuman007, a 'scream SOO shrilly' without sounding stupid. Additionally, Hotstreak, from Static Shock, is one of my all-time favorite characters. This guys has some serious talent.
  • I gotta hand it to him, he did Invader Zim, he did Dave the Barbarian, and best of all, he did Xiaolin Showdown's Jack Spicer.

    Anyone who can scream SOO shrilly, and so loud that's a boy has got the kudos from me. He did all sorts of great voices, like Dave from Dave the Barbarian, he did Keef from Invader Zim, who was HILARIOUS! And he did Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown, who had to be one of the greatest cartoon (Not counting Anime, of course!) guys ever created! Danny Cooksey is also a musical rock genius. In his teens, he was in a band called Bad4Good, and on their first (and only, I think) album called Refugee, they recorded one of the best songs I've ever heard, "Nothing Great (About A Heartache), which is something you should definately hear if you're a Cooksey fan. This guy's got talent!
  • Let's not forget, Danny Cooksey also did the voice of Jack Spicer off of Xiaolin Showdown, and Jack is a bigger charactor now than anyother cartoon charactor off of Kids WB.

    Let's not forget, Danny Cooksey also did the voice of Jack Spicer off of Xiaolin Showdown, and Jack is a bigger charactor now than anyother cartoon charactor off of Kids WB, or at least the TV show. I don't know much more about Danny Cooksey, this is the first show I reconize him from. It's said that he also did Pepper Ann, but I can't remeber that TV show too well, all I remember is that I liked that show too.
    I don't know anything about him personaly except that he is a great voice actor, and I think that is the hardest form of acting.
  • Danny Cooksey is complete genius!!!

    Danny Cooksey is one of the greatest voice actors of all time. How the heck Danny Cooksey got a poor score of 4.5, he is increible. Everyone that reviewed him said he say great but the score is so low. As I was saying, Danny Cooksey did the voice of Dave on Dave The Barbarian. The best charater he ever play was Jack Spicer on Xiaolin showdown. Danny Cooksey is lucky to be one of the cast on Xiaolin showdown because that show it increible. He does a excillent job as the voice of Dave and Jack. Danny Cooksey screams are fabolous. I wish I had Danny Cooksey autograph. What ever he is doing right now, I wish him the best of luck.
  • What can I say? Danny Cooksey is among my favorite voice actors, and it's not a hard choice to make.

    If I were to make a list of my favorite voice actors, Danny Cooksey would definitely be on it. You can look at his credits here to see the voices he's done, but the only ones I've had the pleasure to hear are Milo, Montana Max, Dave, and Jack Spicer. Unfortunately, the last two are the only ones that I can remember clearly, since I've heard them recently, so I can only go in detail with those two characters.

    I can easily say that Danny Cooksey did an excellent job voicing Dave from "Dave the Barbarian". It was a funny show, and Dave couldn't have had a more comical voice actor. It fit perfectly for the show, and I can say the same for "Xiaolin Showdown". I can't imagine Jack Spicer with another voice actor. Danny Cooksey did an absolutely brilliant job with it. He just does such a great job at portraying Jack as the lively, hilarious character that he is.
  • this duds viose is really funnny

    this duds viose makes me laugh to death he does jack spicer from xiaolin showdown and dave the barbrian and those chaiters make me laugh hard he rocks very very very funny i think his most funnyist is when he plays the vosie of jack spicer funny funny funny guy.
  • Danny Cooksey is a brilliant voice actor.

    Danny Cooksey, is a very talented voice actor and I am very pleased with the way he brings the voice to the characters.

    Such characters are like Dave in "Dave the Barbarian" and Jack Spicer in "Xiaolin Showdown". His voice might sound the same for both of them but they both have similar personalities.

    Why I like his voice delivery is because it is highly original and I don't believe he sounds like most male voice actors. So, on the whole, I would like him to be in more shows because I believe Danny Cooksey is really a superb voice actor.
  • This guy is just a comical mad man.

    This guy is good. He's always been a favorite of mine, even when I was a little kid. He's one of the topic voice actors of this generation.

    To start off, I have to talk about his role as Budnick in 'Salute your Shorts'. He was funny as hell. He played the antagonist in the show, giving all of his fellow campers a hard time. He was definitely the funniest character in the show and captured Budnick real well.

    Next is Tiny Toon Adventures. He played Montana Max, who's probably one of the most hated cartoon characters of all time. Danny was perfect for this role, he capture the snotty, bratty, demonic kid well.

    And then there was the Little Mermaid. I never had much love for this show, but Urchin was another good role Danny played. Urchin was Ariel's playful friend, and Danny performed this well too. This definitely balanced againts montana Max's attitude.

    Then came one of my personal favorites, Hot Streak from Static Shock. Hot Streak was a thug-turned-bang baby. In the beginning, he was your average school bully, but he later developed into a fantastic character. This was another great role for Danny.

    He's also plays Dave from Dave the Barbarian. This was kinda a different role for him, seeing how he almost always plays the antagonist. He captures Daves...errr....sexuallity real well.

    And now, there is jack Spicer. This is my favorite role he's played. Jack Spicer is a would-be villian in the show Xiaolin Showdown. Jack is one of the funniest characters I've seen in an animated show. As the show goes on, Danny get's better and better with the role.

    To add on to this, he's made cameo appearences in several shows like Hey Arnold, Ozzy and Drix, Kim Possible, Invader Zim, and the list just keeps on going.

    This guy is just a comical madman.
  • This dude, right here is...well, charming...

    This dude, right here is...well, charming. He manages to give a trademark twist to all his voices. This man was destined for great things! The first time I heard his voice, Heaven forbid...It was like a sweet, sweet dream...Danny Cooksey sounds intruegingly hot, sweet and devilishly comical at the same time.

    He is...charming, oh-so truly charming. His voice just makes me laugh and swoon, no matter what the face, he manages to make me fall head over heels with his characters. People who can do that are great. People who can do that are...special, very special.

    Danny Cooksey is without a doubt, truly, very, very CHARMING.

    -Intrigued x_x