Danny Gokey

Danny Gokey


4/24/1980, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  • An inspiration

    Though there were so many obstacles in life that he had to struggle through, Danny came back a hero in my eyes. Yes, he may not have won American Idol but still, the final song he sang touched my heart so much. He is a wonderful guy and i wish him all the best for the future.

    He sings so beautifully like an angel and he really looks like a fantastic and nice guy. Yes, he is a little sensitive but hey, you can't blame him for that.

    I love you Danny (: And i wish you all the best that you would beat the heck out of the American Idol this year :Dmoreless
  • Danny is sweet and can belt out a tune! He should have been one of the finalists for next week. Can you people out in voting land really hear a tune? Me thinks not!moreless

    I can't understand why Danny would have been voted off. I'm beginning to wonder if everyone is tone deaf or they just like to cause havoc. No offense to Chris, he's nice, but he can't really sing well or hold a tune. Danny has a really good voice and he should have been a finalist. I think Simon is the only one who can really pick them well. Adam is really good, however, he will get a contract regardless,,, here's to you Danny and hoping you get a contract regardless of the tone deaf people out in voting land. Stay sweet!moreless