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  • Danny Hargreaves is one of the lesser known crew members on Dr Who.This does not mean however that he is one of the less dedicated members.Oh no.He works very hard on the special effects side that many of us take for granted when we watch.moreless

    To carry on from the summary... When you see a cyberman being blown up it's very likely that Danny had something to do with it.He's a charming member of the crew and is a bit of a fanboy when it comes to all things 'Who.Though he still thinks the fans who stand about for hours just to catch a glimpse of the stars are mad he takes the time out to do his best to make sure they are OK.He sometimes povides the hardcore ones with benches to sit on.And even when they make smutty comments about his anatomy he just laughs.He's got such a fantastic sense of humour.

    I do feel a slight fraud as I've never had the pleasure of meeting him at writing this review but I have good sources for this information[His fangirls] and would love to meet him one day.What's not to like about a guy that get's in the way of fans taking pictures of David Tennant and the fan letting them get away with it!

    He's a happy cockney geezer who some would love to have a 'knees up' with ;)

    His fashion sense is top notch too with a special T-shirt he wears that reads;'Dr Who Special Effects Team 2005'Though a little out of date it's still fantastic.

    I don't know if Danny realises he has his own fan base now but I'm sure he'd find it both flattering and funny.

    He does his job well and is a gem that the Dr Who Team shouldn't let go for many years to come.moreless