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Danny was born in 1983 in Massachusetts, USA. Danny grew up working with his father in construction. When he was 21 he decided to try out for a spot on an up coming real world. Danny made the cut and was flown to Austin were he began shooting…more


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  • Danny Jamieson is the hottest guy on these Real World/Road Rules shows. Kenny Santucci is a close second. Altho Danny doesn't brag to how hot he is like Kenny is always doing, he is still arrogant **** with probably one of the worst personalitiesmoreless

    Ok... let's face it. Danny is thee hottest guy on these Real World/Road Rules shows. The only other guy with his level of good looks is Kenny Santucci who is always bragging about how hot he is (in a jokey sort of way tho / not truly arrogant). Danny is a total obnoxious person. He is the truly arrogant type that you hate. In his confessionals you can really tell that he thinks he's the man and better than everyone else. Sometimes I literally just wanted to jump into the TV and slap him in the face. I can't stand this guy.

    I don't care how great you look. When ur personality is that bad, you might as well be ugly. I have a feeling Melinda who is nowhere near as hot as Danny is wouldn't be with Danny if it weren't for his good looks. But she'll have to pay for being so shallow. She'll have to put up with his childish, difficult personality for the rest of her life since they're planning to get married.

    I know for a fact Danny is not just like that on TV. On the Reunion special of his Real World season, all his housemates were on him about how conceited and arrogant he is. My vote is for a hot guy with a good personality like Kenny Santucci.moreless
  • omg i love danny he is sooooooo hott and him and mel make a cute couple and when they have some kids their kids will be cute as well so hopefully they dont break up if they do i will be very very very mad at both of them danny is so hot with his brown hatmoreless

    danny is one of the hottest real world people so is wes and brad and a lot more but danny is the hottest and him and mel make such a cute couple and when they get married ill be so happy when he got kick off fresh meat with ev i was mad that wes kicked him off and on ev's myspace she put so mean things on it that wasnt nice and then she puts mice things on it i dont get her if danny and mel ever broke up (hopefully they dont) ill be so mad because they make such a cute couplemoreless