Danny Jimenez

Danny Jimenez


1/9/1965, Cuba

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Danny Jimenez ran The Amazing Race 2 with his best friend Oswald Mendez and this is what he is best known for. Five years later, both of them returned to participate in the All-Stars edition of The Amazing Race. They finished in fourth place both times.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • After Danny and Oswald had finished participating on The Amazing Race 2, it was five years until they were invited to race on the All-Stars edition of the race. While having participated in both seasons, Danny and Oswald placed fourth both times.

    • Danny and his best friend Oswald are currently living together in Miami, Florida. This is also where they plan to live on a long-term basis.

    • Danny Jimenez met his best mate Oswald in 1994 and gradually became friends. They grew closer when Danny's life partner passed away. Aside from being good friends, Danny and Oswald are also travel buddies. Their great friendship had got them through the frustration of competing in The Amazing Race twice.

    • Danny and Oswald decided to participate on The Amazing Race to bring them closer together. Eventually they became a couple.

    • Danny's most memorable moment from The Amazing Race was repelling down the Sugar Loaf in Brazil.

    • These are Danny and Oswald's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 11 (All-Stars):

      Leg 1: (Equador) 2nd of 11.
      Leg 2: (Chile) 2nd of 10.
      Leg 3: (Chile) 5th of 9.
      Leg 4: (Argentina) 1st of 8.
      Leg 5: (Mozambique) 4th of 7
      Leg 6: (Tanzania) 2nd of 7.
      Leg 7: (Poland) 2nd of 6.
      Leg 8: (Poland) 1st of 6.
      Leg 9: (Malaysia) 4th of 5.
      Leg 10: (China) 1st of 4.
      Leg 11: (China) 4th of 4.
      Leg 12: (Guam, USA) 4th of 4 - Eliminated.

      Counting both seasons, Danny and Oswald had visited five continents and fourteen countries.

    • Favorite Color: Red/Blue
      Favorite meal: Stone Crab Claws
      Favorite Places: Paris
      Hobbies: Cars
      Favorite movie and actor/actress: The Women...with favorite actress Shirley McLaine and actor is Tom Cruise.
      Favorite type of music and/or artist: Dance and Lounge

    • Danny's astrological sign is a Capricorn.

    • Danny describes himself as being an adventurous person who tries to keep things real and exciting at all times.

    • Danny and Oswald's nicknames while participating in The Amazing Race was team "Cha Cha Cha"s.

    • These are Danny and Oswald's finishing positions on The Amazing Race 2:

      Leg 1: (Brazil) 8th of 11.
      Leg 2: (Brazil) 7th of 10.
      Leg 3: (South Africa) 1st of 9.
      Leg 4: (Namibia) 1st of 8.
      Leg 5: (Thailand) 6th of 7
      Leg 6: (Thailand)4th of 6.
      Leg 7: (China) 4th of 6.
      Leg 8: (Australia) 1st of 5.
      Leg 9: (Australia) 4th of 5.
      Leg 10: (New Zealand) 4th of 4.
      Leg 11: (New Zealand) 4th of 4 - Eliminated.

      By the end of this season, both of them had visited four continents and seven countries, excluding the United States.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: (in an interview regarding using the Yield on The Amazing Race 11) I agree with you. I don't think it was bad karma. I think it was a good decision and one that we needed to do; we needed the money. I think we just got caught up in the moment. I mean we are responsible for our actions and I think that we do look at our families when we are out there doing things. You know, you do represent your families when you're out there. We were very careful not to do anything that would go against what we've been taught.

    • Danny: (regarding what he'd like his fans to know): There is a foundation that was set up in memory of my late partner Nelson called The Nelson Benedico Trust and I will soon be promoting it and developing more projects to benefit organizations that have programs for people living with AIDS.

    • Danny: (regarding his relationship with Oswald) Now we're platonic husband and husband.

    • Danny: There is nothing like a shopping centre to bring two friends together.

    • Danny: If we would've had time, I could have found Gucci or Versace anywhere.

    • Danny: (in an interview segment) I think I was a man in a previous life.

  • As humorous as can be!

    Danny Jimenez ran The Amazing Race 2 with his friend Oswald. The team finished fourth on the race, but ran a very unique race, baffling the other teams.

    After the race, the two were asked to return to run The Amazing Race All-Stars and they gladly accepted. Once again, after charming their way through the race, the team finished at the same fourth place.

    The team did the funniest thing ever on The Amazing Race:

    They went shopping at GUCCI and LOEWE in Hong Kong, while waiting for a travel agent to organise their tickets.

    Oswald & Danny are and remain to be one of the fan-favourite teams on The Amazing Race.moreless