Danny Kaye





1/18/1913 , Brooklyn, New York, USA



Birth Name

David Daniel Kaminsky




Danny Kaye's father was an immigrant tailor who had traveled to America from the Ukraine.

He didn't do well in school and dropped out at the age of 13 to work at a country club in the Catskill Mountains, in an area known to be populated by Russian immigrants.

After he left there he did various jobs of singing and performing.

In 1940 Danny married his love Sylvia Fine whom he had met two years prior in 1938. The two were a team and she often wrote for him.

Before going into television and movies, Danny spent time on Broadway in various musical productions.

In 1944 Danny began his career in movies with "Up In Arms" which was followed by other similar hits including "Wonder Man" and "The Court Jester".

By 1960 Danny was looking to move out of movies and into television and in 1963 he got his own series "The Danny Kaye Show".

Danny Kaye passed away in 1987 from hepatitis which he was infected with during a blood transfusion for his heart 4 years prior.

Danny was survived by his wife Sylvia and daughter Dena.