Danny Masterson

Danny Masterson


3/13/1976, Long Island, New York

Birth Name

Daniel Peter Masterson


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Danny Masterson was born Daniel Peter Masterson on March 13, 1976 in Long Island, New York. A former four-year-old child model, he began in commercials at age five and appeared on Broadway at age eight. At the age of 16, he had already been in over 100 television…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2007 Danny paid almost three million dollars for a Los Angeles house that once belonged to Chuck Berry.

    • Even though he portrayed an avid marijuana smoker on That 70's Show he says he has never smoked marijuana.

    • Danny is the cousin to Angus T. Jones of Two and a Half Men.

    • He was a DJ at the Axe House Party in West Palm Beach.

    • His height is 5'10" (178 cm).

    • He divides his time between Los Angeles and New York.

    • He got nominated for a Young Artist Award in 1999 in the category Best Performance in a TV Series - Young Ensemble. He got nominated for a Teen Choice Award in 2000 in the category TV - Choice Sidekick.

    • He briefly dated Bobette Riales in 2003.

    • He dated Chrissie Carnell for six years.

    • He co-hosted the Fox-TV special Woodstock '99 with That'70s Show co-star Wilmer Valderrama.

    • His trademark is his afro.

    • Danny has changed his DJ name from DJ Donkey Punch to DJ Momjeans, he was spinning tunes for a crowd at Pure in early January, 2007.

    • Danny appeared on the second season of Celebrity Poker Showdown in tournament one, game two.

    • Danny is a member of the "Unabombers" poker team seen on GSN Poker Royale series.

    • Danny hosted and won the "Phat Farm Stuff" casino weekend poker tournament at the Palms casino & resort, winning $3,000. He beat out Jeff Shulman, CEO of Card Player & ER's Mekhi Phifer.

    • Danny appeared in the off Broadway production of Dragons in 1984.

    • Danny has invested in another restaurant in North Hollwood called "Geisha House". He is invested with a group of other actors: Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderamma, Tori Spelling, Tara Reid, and Laura Prepon. The new eatery will open in November, 2006.

    • Danny was featured on the cover of Parents magazine in 1973.

    • Danny drank so much of the powdered orange drink "Tang" for the 1984 commercial he was in, that he got sick and threw up.

    • Danny was in a commercial for Kellog's Frosted Flakes in 1994.

    • Danny has appeared in a music video for Len, called "Feelin' Alright".

    • Danny is the host of a Los Angeles radio show called Feel My Heat on Indie 103.1.

    • Danny started to model at the age of four, and by the time that he turned 16, he had filmed over a hundred commercials.

    • Danny's first movie role was in 1993, as Seth in Beethoven's 2nd.

    • Danny was traveling with friends in an airplane in 2003, on his way home from a Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans, when the turbulence hit, and the cabin pressure dropped to nothing. As the oxygen masks fell, Danny was already passed out. Ashton Kutcher came to the rescue, and administered CPR to revive him. Once he was rousted, Ashton gave Danny his oxygen mask, because Danny's was inoperable. Ashton shared with a friend.

    • Danny is good friends with recording artist Tony Lucca, of Mickey Mouse Club fame.

    • Danny attended public school through the 10th grade but had to switch to tutoring to graduate, as his acting jobs became more frequent.

    • Danny was enrolled in Pasadena Art Center in Los Angeles for a semester, but dropped out since it conflicted with his acting.

    • Danny's favorite band is Pearl Jam.

    • Danny is one of the founders of "Dolce," a restaurant in Los Angeles. He and his partners are hoping to open another restaurant (of the same name) in Reno, Nevada.

    • Danny is a member of the Church of Scientology. In December 2005, he helped promote "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" Museum, which discusses a controversial conspiracy theory connecting Adolf Hitler to the psychiatric profession.

    • Danny is good friends with actor Ben Foster.

    • Danny is a budding photographer.

    • Danny recently broke up with Bijou Phillips after more than a year of dating.

    • Danny enjoys disc jockey work in his free time. He DJs at various clubs in Los Angeles under his DJ name, DJ DonkeyPunch, but he later changed the name to DJ Mom Jeans.

    • Danny is the brother to Christopher Masterson of Malcolm in the Middle.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: I was acting in commercials since I was 5-this was when I was in New York. I then moved to LA when I was 16. But before that I had done a play on Broadway.

    • Danny: I could grow sideburns since I was 16, I've always had them!

    • Danny: I'd rather do movies 'cause I am better at movies, but I do shows 'cause the opportunities have come forward.

    • Danny: I am really into '70s music, like The Rolling Stones, The Doors and what not.

    • Danny: I have to say that one of the most important things Scientology has given me is the ability to keep my integrity together. I understand how people can get into unethical situations, and Scientology has always helped me keep my head clear and be in present time. I have been able to see situations for what they are.

    • Danny: Before I finished another level of Scientology auditing, I had a very hard time with being wrong and I always had to have my own way – and not in a good sense. After auditing, I was able to have my thoughts, communicate them and not have to be right all the time.

    • Danny: I have been acting since age 4. I have always been working and I have always been in Scientology my entire life. Each service in Scientology is something I have added to my toolbox of data for living.

    • Danny: I've never smoked pot. I don't even take aspirin. I know people who do a lot of drugs, and they keep thinking about things from the past and things ahead. But they're not living right here and now.

    • Danny: If I could make millions of dollars being a softball player, I would quit acting in a second.

    • Danny: When I was 15, my parents left town for a month. They hid the keys to the car, but I found them. That month, I drove my stepdad's Thunderbird Super Coupe into Manhattan every day, and I would crank Cypress Hill as I flew around the city, racing the taxis.

    • Danny: I love the DJ scene out in the clubs. It is a great way to party and make people happy, the atmosphere is one that I use as an escape from reality.

    • Danny: Disco is from Hell, ok? And not the cool part of Hell with all the serial murderers. but the lame part where the really bad accountants live.

    • Danny: Marriage and kids have got to be in the cards somewhere down the line, I just can't see that far ahead from where I stand today.

    • Danny: I was bummed when we wrapped the final episode of That 70's Show, because although I remain close friends with everyone, it was the ending of our family unit. I would rather focus on my film career from here on, but if another sitcom came my way, I wouldn't write it off.

    • Danny: My role as Hyde has seriously typecast me...wherever I go, I have people offering me crazy things. I just have to politely let them know that I am straight, that I play the ROLE of a stoner.

    • Danny: I've never smoked pot...I don't even take aspirin!