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  • He's one of my favorite actors. A funny guy.

    Danny Masterson, also known as Steven Hyde on my favorite television series, That '70s Show, is within my Top 5 all-time actors. His performance in That '70s Show: stellar. He was my favorite actor in the series. He played a guy who's a great role model, in my mind, at least: He takes everything cool. He's "zen". He doesn't let some bossy spoiled brat control him. He's a great actor, and plenty funny with his great smart remarks in his script. I've seen him in another movie, Yes Man, but he didn't have as big of a role as he did in That '70s Show. He deserves his own movie where he is the star.
  • I love Hyde!

    Danny Matherson is probably best remembered for his role as stoner Steven Hyde in That '70s Show. He's a really great actor with a lot of talent. He's really funny too. Especially in That '70s Show. Hyde was my absolute favorite character on the show. I hope that Danny Matherson gets roles in more tv shows and movies very soon. He has a whole lost of talent and doesn't get as much credit as he deserves. He seems like a really really cool person. It would be awesome to meet him in person. No matter what he does I'll always think of him as Hyde.
  • That 70s Show Character

    A funny character in the famous sitcom called That 70s Show. In the show he plays a great character who goes by the name of Hyde, when his actually name is Steven Hyde. In the show Hyde is left as an orphan, so he moves in with the Foreman family.
  • I was going to put down "original" in classification, but then I saw "rebel", and that word really hit me. This is the best word to describe the Hyde from That 70's Show!

    Danny is best known for his awesome role Hyde in That 70's Show. I must say, he is the perfect guy to play Hyde. I can't imagine anyone else doing it and actually doing it better than he does. I personally think Danny looks hotter in the show, but also not bad in person. He has a very unique style, which I really admire. I know he is dating someone else, but I think he and Mila would make such a cute couple in real life, not just in the show. As a fan, I am a little bit disappointed, haha!
  • sexyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

    danny masterson is my favorite actor. i love him as hyde. he is the hottest guy in the world.i would love to meet him someday and see him in something else. he needs his own show. oh and did i mention that he is freakin hot lol. i did want him to end up with jackie in that 70s show. it would be great if he and mila kunis were together, they look good together,and if he is to old for me he should be with her or someone else i like. he is sexy and talented so he needs to get more roles. he should be a bigger star and i really want to meet him someday. he is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He is so hot!!

    danny masterson is os hot!!!!!!!!! i would really like to see him have some lead roles in upcoming movies!! it would be awesome! i love you danny!! he seems like a very laid back guy that just likes to have fun. my favorite seaons of that 70's show with him are season 4-8.... i still like him in seasons 3-1 too!!
  • hes hot!!!!

    i loveeeeeee him lol!!he is so freakin hot !!!! and he is my favorite chacter on the show.ooooo he is so freakin hot lol.he acts like he is very down to earth and a nice guy and the fact that he is a dj is hot to lol but i just love is curly fro lol and the fact he is hot did i mention that lol!!!
  • He seems like an all around cool guy.....i enjoy how he portrays the part of Hyde. He does it with the most passion he can for that person.^_^ It seems like he's a pritty REAL person.

    PRITTY DANG COOL. AUSOME. COOL AND STUFF...............................................he is a pritty cool person. Like i said. HEH. ANyway he can make us all laugh. He's like that weakest link lady, he says funny stuff but dosent snicker nor laugh at his own comment. Or at least that's what it's like when he plays hyde. OH well. BLAH!!!!!!
  • hot

    Danny is so talented and he can play so much more than just Hyde on That 70s Show. Is is also one of the nicest celebrities that I have ever met. Plus it doesn\'t hurt that he\'s to die for! So hot up close. I\'ve been crushing on him since Beathoven\'s 2nd lol... *sigh* So jealous of Bijou.
  • I love him, I'm obessed with him, and my boyfriend is jealous of him!

    I never realized that Danny Masterson was in Dracula 2000. I've watched that movie like so many times and never realized that was him. I love him in "That 70's show" and my boyfriend knows that they only reason why I really watched that show is because of him. I explained that his character "Hyde" reminds me of my boyfriend. They hair, the somewhat beard, the way he talks and the things he talks about.
  • he nice

    i'm a girl from belgium and i really like him playing in that 70's show he's so cute even if he does cool about some things and he is funny too.realy a nice actor i think there should be more like him.I would love to see him more on tv
  • Not seen him in anything else...why?

    Danny Masterson plays the cool stoner in That '70s Show. However I haven't seen him in anything else. I would love to know why this is. I think he is a good actor and plays his part, of the one ready to deal you a smack on the arm if you don't shut up, very well. I think that someone one should have a go at putting Danny in a more high profile role and let him show us his talents. I think that he would rise to the challenge and prove anyone who thinks he can't act wrong.

    Hyde is definitely my favourite character on That '70s Show and I hope to see him go on and do great things.
  • i love him, i love him, I LOVE HIM!!!

    Danny Masterson is known for playing the lovable bad-boy Hyde in That 70's Show and that is all he is known as! For me Danny will always be a little bit Hyde but a whole lotta Danny! He is an amazing actor who steals the show whenever he is on screen.

    If he was given his own show I would definately watch it. The reason being is that i think his show would be filled with lots of laughs and fun. I think it would be a bit like Punk'd starring Ashton Kutcher only it would be different...I have always thought what it would've been like if the hosts of Punk'd were Ashton AND Danny...

    My point is that Mr Danny Masterson is an amazing actor and the day that he retires is that day I die. Danny you're an amazingly talented actor and poker player, a totally awesome guy and you're absolutely the hottest guy on the planet!!!!!!