Danny Noriega

Danny Noriega


9/29/1989, Azusa, CA

Birth Name

Daniel Anthony Noriega


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Daniel Noriega, 18, is from Azusa, CA and is in the Top 24 on Season 7 of American Idol.


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    • Danny (on what type of example he wants to set): I really love the fan letters that I'm getting from these little kids who are telling me that they admire me. I showed them that you can be different and still be successful on 'American Idol.' I really like to inspire those little kids who think they can't do certain things because they are different in certain ways, whether it is sexuality or their race or anything like that.

    • Danny (on how he and Kady Malloy became friends since they have different personalities): Kady and me are like freakin' brother and sister. I started talking to her and I was like, "She acts just like me. It's like she's a girl version of me." It is weird. We do the same things, we talk the same, we both have like ADD ... we're the little 'Charlie's Angels' of the group.

    • Danny (on how close he is with Ramiele Malubay): She and I are, like, best friends right now. We started talking at the end of Hollywood week and we grew to be very close. We have a lot in common. She's my little twin. The whole little half heart thing ... we call it "corazon," which means heart in Spanish. I don't know ... it is a cute little half a heart thing that we just do.

    • Danny (on how he felt about the criticism on his sexuality): I think your personal life and your job are two separate things. People should respect that and know that there is a fine line between that. Privacy is really important. I know a lot of celebrities don't get that, but I just think it has nothing to do with your job.

    • Danny (on if anyone told him to tone down his attitude on "American Idol"): I got that a lot and I didn't really listen. I wasn't trying to be different, it just came naturally, I guess. It is always important to stay true to yourself and I think that's the main key to this competition.

    • Danny (on how he felt when Simon Cowell called him grotesque): I was kind of shocked because I didn't know what grotesque meant for a second there. Then I was pretty upset because I thought he was going to kind of like me and say something a little positive. But you brush it off after.

    • Danny (on if he was surprised to be eliminated from "American Idol"): I was semi-surprised. I always go into the results not knowing what to expect because they are so unpredictable. I had a little bit of confidence because you get all this fan mail from these kids and you think you're doing something right for a second.

    • Danny: I don't really have that many talents other than singing. I like to dance, but like, I don't know if I like do it well. I would like to dance better, I don't know, I guess dancing.

    • Danny: I started singing when I was like one years old. Like my mom has me on camera and I have a mullet, it's so funny, I'm singing, "Aaasee," it's awful. Yeah, I'm glad we can't find that tape because I looked for it the other day I was like, "Yes!"

    • Danny: I can't even explain like how it was when I made it to the top 24. I still can't explain it, it's still coming in to me little but, little by little. Like it's gonna hit home when I go home. It's like, "Huh. Oh wait, I'm actually on the show." It's weird I keep repeating itself. We're all, we're all like shocked. We're all telling each other, "We're gonna be on the show, like we're really the cast." It's crazy.

  • Great!!

    I classified Danny as "should have been a bigger star" because I think he was eliminated from American Idol too early. He had a little bit of a bad attitude but who cares? He had/ has a great voice! I also love his personality. I was so certain that he would make the Top Twelve, I was shocked when I found out he didn't. I even cried when he left, for about an hour. He also has great/ pretty/ shiny hair and not to mention adorable! I just wanna hug him. I don't know what else to say except for, I love Daniel Anthony Noriega!moreless