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  • Great actor

    He is a pleasure to watch and very handsome too.
  • Great actor on everything he does.

  • By tvfan_73

    Catching up with old episodes of Cold Case. I really love this guy! Now am catching up on Law and Order with him as Detective Amaro. A very fine actor and I hope to see more of him.

    How about bringing back Cold Case maybe on another network. He fits right into those stories. Especially when they get personal.
  • Danny Pino is hot and he really knows how to act.

    Danny Pino is my favourite actor. He is so hot and he has a great body. He is a great actor and plays Scotty Valens really well. I always watch Cold Case to see him and Kathryn Morris act. He is really talented and I like the way he gets into character. He has gorgeous eyes. They really are one of the things that stand out on him. I really hope he sticks around and keeps acting espically with Kathryn. I would really like to see their characters Lilly and Scotty in Cold Case to get together. He is always looking good. Kepp up the good work Danny. I love you
  • Danny Pino is the greatest actor alive!

    Danny Pino is very talented at acting. Without him on the show Cold Case, it wouldn't be good. I have been one of his biggest fans for a long time. He is my all time favorite actor. He always knows how to make a girl smile. He seems like a very nice guy, too. Cold Case is a show about finding out murders and homocides and the actors on the show including Danny Pino make it feel so real, like you are really in it. I just can't explain how much I love Danny Pino. He is the most amazing actor ever!
  • Handsome, Underrated, but Talented!

    I have loved Danny since Cold Case began in 2003
    When he was teamed up with Kathryn's Lilly Rush for
    The show and both have great chemistry as well as some
    Sexual tensions. But despite their chemsitry trying to be
    Anything but "strictly platonic!" People do want to see both of them get together1
    We can only wish in our dreams you know.
  • Danny Pino is great in the show "Cold Case." I think he is extremely handsome and a perfect addition to "Cold Case." He stays true to family roots and knows who he is. He's a great talent and I hope that there are many seasons to come for "Cold Case."

    I love Danny Pino. I think he is a great actor and is extremely handsome. He is one of the reasons why I watch \"Cold Case.\" I loved him in the role of Desi Arnaz in the movie \"Lucy.\" His role as Scotty Valens on \"Cold Case\" is perfect because it adds so much to an already great show. I hope that there are alot more seasons of \"Cold Case\" so that audiences are able to view his great talent. I love the fact that he takes pride in his Cuban family roots and he knows who he is and that makes him a better actor.
  • Danny Pino is a great actor. He looks great in a suit, or actually anything he wears. He is talented, intelligent, and does a great job as an actor on Cold Case(I watch it just to see him).

    Danny Pino is talented, smart, educated, well-dressed, well-groomed, has a cute face and great body for a hot Latin guy.....I want him and Jay Manuel as my bfs!Can I have both? hehehehe.
    I would treat him like a king everywhere we go if he was my bf. Heck, I would take him even if I were straight.