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    • In October 2013 Danny teamed with Duracell to present 40,000 high-tech Duracell Quantum batteries to the police and fire departments in his home town of Miami, Florida.

    • The Miami-Dade County Commission declared July 16, 2013 Danny Pino Day in honor of Danny and his contributions to the entertainment industry.

    • Danny earned a Masters of Fine Arts from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.

    • Danny was a member of the fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon.

    • Danny graduated from Florida International University in 1996.

    • Danny and his wife Lilly welcomed a son, Julian Franco Pino, on Tuesday,June 12, 2007. Julian, who weighed 7 lbs. and 15 oz., is the second child for Pino, 33, and his wife, 32, who have another son, Luca, 15 months.

    • Danny has a son called Luca Daniel Pino who was born at 1:51 p.m on February 15th 2006. He weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces (3.7kg).

    • He married his wife, Lily, in 2002.

    • Pino is fluent in English and Spanish.

  • Quotes

    • Danny Pino: I have two incredible young men I'm raising. I have a fantastic wife and a family that I always look forward to being with. I'm never far from a playing field of some sort, football or baseball, or the gym. I stay as active as I can. I also write a little bit, I read, and my wife and I go to plays. There is so much to do in New York, it's amazing here. I'm so glad to be back in this city.

    • Danny Pino: (on playing Desi Arnaz in Lucy Growing up seeing Desi, I thought there were Cubans all over Hollywood. I understood that dialogue, everything he said. It wasn't weird to me because that's the way my dad talked.

    • Danny Pino: (on the differences between his characters, Scotty Valens on Cold Case and Nick Amaro on Law & Order: SVU) One of the big differences between the two is, I think Scotty was much more tightly wound. He was much more quick to violence. To lose his patience. He had a shorter fuse than Nick does. Nick is much more of a con man. He's more manipulative. He'll become whatever a person needs in the interrogation room to get to what they need.

    • Danny: (on visiting Cuba, where his family is from) I've never been to Cuba. I don't usually talk about politics but I will about Cuba. I won't go back to Cuba unless things change on that island politically. My family has suffered a lot because of that government. But I would love to go and explore my roots. However, since my family never went back, I think for me to go back would be disrespectful.

    • Danny: (on performing in the play "Up For Grabs" with Madonna in London) It was a blast. I've had the great blessing of doing a lot of stage work, and that was the first time that I actually felt like I was in a concert. Before the curtain went up, you could just hear the crowd outside. It was electric.