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  • I never like to "review" a person until I have throughly researched them through their performance and real life interviews. Well, for Danny Pudi, I have done just that.

    I first saw Danny Pudi on a wonderful, hilarious gem of a show called Community. The show has an awesome ensemble cast, but for me, Danny stole the show. Danny's portrayal of Abed has made me laugh hysterically, but he has also pulled my heartstrings and made me cry, which, for me especially, is a particularly impressive accomplishment. I don't cry often, but Abed has made me cry tears of joy, tears of laughter, and tears of what I guess I should call longing for the character's happiness. Strange, right?

    But from his humble beginnings as the "butt-dialer" for Blackberry phones, to his improv skills in Chicago, to his current status of scene-stealer on an underappreciated NBC show, Danny is always great. He is very receptive to fans, and it is very easy to find pictures of him in with fans in non-promotional instances (like random run-ins when he could understandably refuse). Plus I always love it when celebrities mention/credit their wives, and Danny mentions his wife Bridget a lot in interviews. And even though he plays an emotionally awkward character on Community, he is never thrown off in interviews; he seems to be up for anything when other, ego-centric celebrities wouldn't be as flexible. So basically, Danny Pudi is amazing as a person and an actor. I look forward to his career expanding even more than it has.