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    • Danny Pudi: (On his character Abed's side stories in the TV series Community) Yeah, I mean, it started out-I remember when we first started the show, we were doing photo shoots in the beginning, and people would be like, "Everybody smile!" And I would smile, and they'd be like, "Except you, Danny." And I was like, okay, this is sort of where we're going. Everybody smiles but Danny. And I get it. The Abed character-in some ways I feel like a fan who's won a contest to be in a show. Because I get to kind of be part of the show as well as being the audience in many ways, which I love. The scripts are always pretty damn ridiculous. All the sudden I'll flip to page 23, and it's like, "Abed delivers baby," and I'm like, "What?!" Somehow it makes sense, though.