Danny Tamberelli

Danny Tamberelli


2/8/1982, Wyckoff, New Jersey

Birth Name

Daniel Paul Tamberelli



Also Known As

Daniel Tamberelli, Daniel Patrick Tamberelli, Dan Tamberelli
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Trivia and Quotes

  • danny tamberelli was discovered thru all that and has recently been spotted in the babysitters club

    i liked danny tamberelli in all that..again he brought originality w/ him to the cast..much like josh server he was kinda the awkward but funny guy..i loved the whole thing w/ the socks he did..he was kinda like an oh man did it again kind of guy..and his acting and comedy was always incredible w/ perfect timing..he also played the weird and very mischievous ppl when he brought in the monkey that was killing everyone, or whatever it was...but he also played some funny but serious roles as he played the dad in quite a few of the skits..i havent seen him in babysitter club but im sure his acting has improved, even tho it doesnt need tomoreless
  • I think Danny Tamberelli is so hot. I love watching him in all his shows. I love the way he acts. I bet his band is doing great. I love you Danny...........and your red hair.moreless

    Danny is the hottest guy on t.v he is funny, outgoing, and really sweet. I would love to see him on more shows and even a show of his own. That would be really cool. Danny is so sweet and he was so funny on the show figure it out. Pete and Pete was really funny also. I also liked watching him on all that. Marry me Danny, lol. I would love to see him in person. Meeting him would be the coolest. I love Danny. He is my favorite person to watch on t.v. I would love to see a figure it out reunion. Really would love to meet him. I seen his mom on figure it out and his two sisters. Danny Tamberelli is so nice.moreless