Dante Basco





8/29/1975 , Pittsburg, California, USA

Birth Name




Dante Basco is a talented American Actor. He was born on 1975. His hometown is Pittsburg, CA. In his earlier years he was part of a dance team called The Street Freaks. Later he got into acting and starred in Steven Spielberg's Hook, where he played the memorable character Rufio. Since then he has starred in many TV shows as guest stars, and even some movies as main characters. He has also done some animation projects such as Avatar the Last Airbender and American Dragon: Jake Long where he played main characters. His latest role was in the 2006 movie Take the Lead starring Antonio Banderas. Dante is of Filipino/American decent and has three brothers: Derek, Darion and Dion. He also has a sister named Ariana. All of the Basco brothers are actors. Over the years Dante Basco has accomplished a lot, and gained many fans. Hopefully he will keep up the good work.