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    • Dante Basco appeared in one movie in which three other future voices for Avatar: The Last Airbender also had roles. In "The Perfect Weapon," Dante (Prince Zuko) plays an orphaned street kid who befriend a father figure in Mako's character Kim (who also plays Uncle Iroh). Clyde Kusatsu (from the episode entitled "The Fortuneteller") plays a detective trying to solve a murder. James Hong (from "Avatar Day") plays an Asian mafia leader.

    • Dante Basco says he likes to work on a regular basis.

    • In 1993 Dante got nominated for the Young Artist award which was for Best Young Actor Co-starring in a Motion Picture for the Movie Hook.

    • Dante won the Young Artist Award for Outstanding Young Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture which was in the movie Hook in 1993.

    • Greased Lightning was Dante's first performance ever. It was at the Annual Fil-Am Christmas Show with his brothers.

    • Dante's favorite quote was "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." from the poem Invictus. By: William Ernest Henley

    • At Comic Con International 06 Dante admitted that he likes voicing Zuko, from Avatar the Last Airbender, more than voicing Jake, from American Dragon: Jake Long.

    • Dante plays Asian characters on his two most recent animation projects. The characters are opposites, protagonistic (Jake on American Dragon) and antagonistic (Zuko on Avatar the Last Airbender).

    • Dante said women inspired him to write poetry.

    • Basco is Filipino but often portrays characters of different Asian ethnicities in many of his films.

    • Currently Dante and his brothers Derek, Darion, and Dion. Are working on a rap album.

    • Dante has played Prince Hong in the movie, Sinbad: The Battle of the Dark Knights.

    • Dante was part of the Streat Freaks breakdancing crew.

    • Dante is the second youngest of the Basco brothers.

    • Dante lives in Los Angeles as of 2006.

    • Mae Whitman and Dante Basco both have roles on Avatar: The Last Airbender and American Dragon, Jake Long. In Avatar, Mae plays is on the good side with Dante on the bad side. In American Dragon, Dante is on the good side and Mae is kind of on the bad side.

    • Dante appeared at San Diego Comic Con '06 for a Question and Answer Session for Avatar: The Last Airbender, along with Mae Whitman and Jack DeSena.

    • Dante was in a commercial for V-Cast/Verizon, dancing in the streets to Nelly Furtado on "his" cell phone. He is seen twice. (2006)

    • Not only is Dante Basco an actor and a voice actor, but he is a poet, dancer, and a Hip Hop/Rap Artist.

    • Dante has his own poetry venue.

    • Dante shares his birthday with his older brother, Derek.

    • Dante attended Southern California's prestigious Orange County High School of the Arts.

    • Dante appeared in The Mastone Verson of Sonic the Hedghog: the Movie.

  • Quotes

    • Dante Basco: Hip-hop is involved in my career, I feel I've always been a hip-hop artist, you know? No matter what I do, I'm part of the hip-hop generation.

    • Dante Basco: I was credited by the L.A. Times as the one bringing poetry back to L.A. It's weird.

    • Dante Basco: I'm Filipino and it does always influence you. You never forget that you're a person of color, you never forget that you're Asian-American. You never can.

    • Dante Basco: I have a poetry venue. It's one of the biggest poetry venues in LA., the biggest open mic venue in the nation. And to me it's all an extension of hip-hop.

    • Dante Basco: Yeah actually, I ended up using his [John Travolta] character in Saturday Night Fever as a kind of prototype for the character of Ramos in this film [Take the Lead].

    • Dante Basco: Being that where I am at my career right now. I'm luckily tied down to just playing Asian characters.

    • Dante Basco: A lot of times in my life, I've been told I sound Black. I find it ironic that I'm playing this little Asian kid (referring to Jake on American Dragon: Jake Long).