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  • So Beautiful

    She is so gorgeous. I was wondering in a previous show or it was a rerun announcing that she was pregnant. Was that show back from couple years ago?

    Are you freaking kidding me? Daphne and the rest of the cast of The Chew are awesome. She is totally not inappropriate and the show is all about food and fun. ALL HATERS CAN SUCK A CUCUMBER!!!!!!! LOL
  • I'm so gorgeous

    D OZ does not need to work. She comes from BIG money. You can tell that she has never suffered; never had a bit of difficulty in her life. She belongs home with the baby daughter. But, her daughter will never come first. The microphone and camera come before everything else in her life. Even when someone else is doing a recipe, she HAS to chime in any way she can. Even if she has to ask a dumb question about the recipe, she will, so that she will be heard. Any "off color" remark(s) gets her started. She's like an adolescent who is just learning about the "birds and bees". PLEASE replace her. Someone closer to the age of the others.
  • overacting

    I think SHE thinks she is adorable but she overacts, is silly and immature acting for her age, and inappropriate for this show.
  • Pretty Daphnie

    When I Daphne in person, I couldn't get over how much prettier she is in person. I always thought her pretty, but her skin glows and that does not show on TV. Anyway congratulations on your new beautiful daughter. My God keep you and your family safe healthy and happy
  • You are so awesome!

    I love your food ideas. Keep up the wonderful work!
  • You all are so mean!

    Daphne is wonderful on this show, and she does not ride on her father's coat tail! She is a self made woman, with a top selling book. Please stop with such harsh words! You all are what is wrong with this world today!
  • hair advise

    PLEASE get your hair out of your face when your cooking ... today it was really bad ... ewwwww
  • Resturant Seating

    Your comment about the seating of families with unruly children next to seniors because they can't hear any way is very offensive. I'm a senior and can hear very well thank you. How about those families teach their kids how to behave in public or leave them with a babysitter. I don't care to have my meal disrupted by noisy kids. If I go to a restaurant and pay good money, I don't need it to be spoiled by them.
  • I love Daphne!!!

    I love Daphne on The Chew! I think she adds tremendously to the cast of the show.
  • Daphne Oz

    Ms Oz adds NOTHING to this show! She is just "eye candy". If she wasn't beautiful she wouldn't even be on there. GET RID OF HER....PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The show would be better without someone riding her dads coattails. Thats the only reason she is on that show and won`t watch it.


    Too bad if her daddy wasn`t on tv she would never have such a gravy job. Hell even her dads a hasbeen his show is for woman only. And the rest of the food network hasbeens on that show too bad theres not enough talent out there they could find to make the show better.