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  • Even though her most memorable moments are often missed by newer generations, Daphne Zuniga, the husky-voiced former Melrose PL. beauty, has still managed to make known her presence as a further growing actress. Most people remember her from "SpaceBalls",

    She can get a LONG range of attention, from positive to negative, dramatic to comedic! She is Daphne Zuniga, a sapphire eyed, dark haired, husky voiced beauty who's big break in Rob Reiner's smash hit "The Sure Thing", proved to be more than the title, she was the REAL thing. My first encounter with her great presence was in the 1987 farce "Spaceballs", another comedy written and directed by another acclaimed man, Mel Brooks. I have seen many of her projects since then. I certainly enjoyed "Gross Anatomy" as well. Other projects such as "Modern Girls" and "The Fly II" may have some reputations of which Zuniga passes to mention, but I think those films were wonderful, and a good deal of that was because she was part of them. Most people have seemingly lost touch with her more recent work, as it is the family soap "Beautiful People". Dispite starring next to amateur talent, and less-than-worthy writing, Zuniga makes the abc-Family drama somewhat bearable. Her acting has only improved within the years she has been working. At 44, she looks great, and is more than obviously feeling great as she still manages to make audiences and fans light up with that unforgetable smile. I think that "Melrose Place" was both a good and bad thing for her career. It brought her status up to par before it could sink, but since the show, and leaving it in 1996, she has not done any major motion pictures. I know I would love to see her in a great film again. Perhaps Rob Reiner could cast her again someday. In whatever I have said, just know that Daphne Zuniga is easily one of the most adorable and loved actresses.