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  • Trivia

    • In 2001, Daphne discovered and attended Buddhist meditation retreats. She once spent nine days in total silent meditation and described the experience as "the most powerfully shifting thing I've ever done".

    • Aside from being active in environmental causes, Daphne uses her free time to counsel high school kids against the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

    • Daphne used to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle in her spare time.

    • Daphne starred in the Circus Theatricals production of Tartuffe in Los Angeles in Summer 2003.

    • Daphne appeared in the music videos of Bob Seger's "Night Moves" in 1994 and Evan and Jaron's "Crazy for This Girl" in 2000.

    • As her exercise, Daphne bikes or hikes for at least 30 minutes a day, six days a week.

    • Daphne directed and produced a documentary on the TED Conference called The Future We Will Create. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and the conference held every year is a series of talks by the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers.

    • Daphne has a body piercing through her navel.

    • Daphne is a supporter of both the Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California, and Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts.

    • Daphne graduated high school from Woodstock Union High in Woodstock, Vermont in 1980. She also attended, but did not graduate from, UCLA.

    • Daphne's father is a professor of philosophy. Her mom is a Unitarian minister. Her sister, Jennifer, is an actress. Her father is Guatemalan.

    • On April 2005, Daphne wrote an article in Oprah magazine called "My Mercury Poisoning".

    • Daphne was a founding board member of Earth Communications Office (ECO), an organization dedicated in utilizing the environment movement within the entertainment industry.

    • Her height is 5'8" (1.73 m).

    • Daphne appeared in approximately 18 minutes of her first feature, The Dorm That Dripped Blood.

    • Daphne suffered a great deal from mercury poisoning after eating an extreme amount of fish with too much iron in it. After dealing with the depression that resulted from it, she started campaigns to promote environmental awareness around the world.

    • She has appeared in numerous TV movies including Secret Lives, Loss of Faith, and Pandora's Clock.

    • Daphne started her movie career in Rob Reiner's The Sure Thing, which also starred John Cusack.

    • Daphne shared a house in L.A. with Meg Ryan when they were both struggling actresses.

  • Quotes

    • Daphne: I'm thrilled to be working this hard and relieved to be working with a generation younger than me. They have an authentic awe and excitement that is contagious. It feels fantastic, like a rebirth. There's no feeling of a comeback when you're just living your life.

    • Daphne: I love men in bed when they are sleeping. But then they have to go and wake up.

    • Daphne: (on her younger days) I was a real pain in the ass actually, kind of obnoxious. Moving around a lot and being the "new kid" on the block affected me. My life wasn't too normal in terms of Friday night dates and all that.

    • Daphne: I know that place of being an actor and wishing and wanting for things to happen for you, but the truth is that it happens inside.

    • Daphne: Don't be afraid of the mistakes. Rob used that freshness, that inexperience, that newness. That real energy pops off the screen and hooks into people.

    • Daphne: (on the documentary "The Future We Will Create") I want this film to encourage one to fiercely embrace their own beautiful, out there, authentic expressions and ideas, and who knows, maybe they'll land on Jupiter, or stop poverty, or just enjoy themselves in this life.

    • Daphne: Despair is a part of what can ignite inner fire, and ultimately fuel change. It's running from despair that I worry leads us into a quasi-comfort of numbness.

    • Daphne: Directing/producing uses another, pretty active part of me, but acting hits the sweet spot, you know? It's emotionally exciting.

    • Daphne: The environment has done nothing but give to us. It deserves to be treated with admiration and respect.

    • Daphne: Whether you call yourself an activist or not, the point is to do what's meaningful and energizing to you.

    • Daphne: Link by link, like a chain, everything we do has the power to affect the environment.

    • Daphne: Dating requires a lot of energy and focus. I've had 40 years of fun and now I'm looking for someone for my heart.

    • Daphne: I love men who are vigilantly following their passions, who are emotionally ready for commitment, and who are maybe even a little crazy. Men who are self-interested and narcissistic couldn't be more boring.

    • Daphne: The press is reporting things that are absolutely irrelevant to any of our lives and they are sensationalistic and it is damaging.

    • Daphne: The hardest part about doing Spaceballs was not laughing when they said "action".