Dara O'Briain

Dara O'Briain


2/4/1972, Wicklow

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Dara O'Briain
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Dara is an Irish comedian who grew up in Wicklow. Dara completed his Leaving Certificate in Ireland with 9 'A's at honours level and 1 'D' in Art at ordinary level, before attending University College, Dublin. There he studied Mathematical Physics and was auditor of the Literary and…more


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    • (on being ambitious)
      Dara: There is a tendency to regard ambition in comedy as being some sort of sin, that it should be about something else. I am ambitious and I don't think that's a bad thing

    • (on going out to meet people)
      Dara: Not being able to cook is very handy for this, because it means I have an excuse to eat out or go to the pub. If I'm on my own, I people-watch — that's always great for ideas and gags. Or I find an Irish pub. I have developed the skill of being able to find an Irish pub in any city in the world. And inside that pub will be somebody who knows somebody who knows my best mate.

    • (on what career he thought he would have after studying Maths at University)
      Dara: I never even considered that. I just loved my numbers, sad as that makes me sound. But the trouble with maths at university level is that it was also the favourite subject of some insanely, savantly clever people, which doesn't exactly make for a fun social life. And then there was the fact that in our class there were just two people: me and Gavin, nobody else, for four years.

    • (when asked who was the most famous person in his phone)
      Dara: That's a very good question. Without going through the entire thing and ignoring comics, Stephen Gately, who used to be in Boyzone. I had to train him in presenting for a variety show that never got commissioned, which is a shame as he was very good actually!

    • (on how your stand-up comedy changes as you get older)
      Dara: The most awkward period for young comics is the changeover from talking about single life to grown-up life. If you've developed a style of chatting about clubbing and fucking, say, then you have difficult days ahead when you settle down. The crowds in comedy clubs are your standard twentysomethings and they couldn't give a thundering shite about your longer hangover or (nightmare!) your new child.

    • (on his time in Japan)
      Dara: When I first went to Tokyo, I spent hours and hours just trying to leave the railway station. It has millions of different exits, none of which easily yields its meaning, and if you pick the wrong one, you end up arriving in a different town altogether.

    • (on how he got into comedy)
      Dara: I actually got into comedy because I used to debate at college, college debates in Ireland are huge things with about 400 people in the audience, and I used to do that and do it in a funny way.

    • (on his time filming "Dara O'Briain's Tough Gig" with Live Action Role Players)
      Dara: I've spent the last week talking about to people about my time in the forest, foam weaponry, drinking mead and more often than not, those bloody ears. Apparently they were a complete victory style-wise. they may have been the equivalent of Kate Moss walking through the mud in her designer wellies during the last Glastonbury.

    • (on filming "Three Men in a Boat", with Rory McGrath and Griff Rhys Jones)
      Dara: If this was a reality show, the cast would have been chosen to maximise the chances that they would bicker and have sex with one another. That wasn't really likely with me, Griff and Rory. We didn't find each other that attractive, for a start, and we couldn't even be relied on to fall out, as we had too many war stories to share first.

    • Dara: (on being referred to as middle-aged, in 2006) I get that a lot, but I'm only 34, for fuck's sake! But then, I've had that all my life; I'm used to it. I've always looked older than I am, like everybody's dad. When I was nine, I looked eleven, and so on. I've never been ID'd in bars - never. Once, I based an entire show on me looking older than I was. I got the audience to guess my age: the average turned out to be 37. I was 29 at the time.

    • Dara: The game of comedy is all about owning the stage, and from a physical point of view, it's beneficial that I am a larger man. From my lumbering presence alone, I can't really help *but* dominate the stage.

    • Dara: You do want to create the impression of a show that has only existed in the moment, and that no one will ever see that exact show again. By talking to the audience you develop a cast list that will not appear in any other show.

    • Dara: I never have cash in my wallet at any time — so take that, you brigands and banditos, you'll get nothing from me. Instead I carry around months and months of receipts. Really I need a mugger who can file my Vat returns.

    • Dara: Comedy is instantaneous market research! You're chucking it out, seeing which way it mutates, seeing which mutations make it stronger and then killing off all the other parts.

    • Dara: The one thing you don't do is jokes about having a child. I don't have a child so I can make jokes about other people's children and how they're scumbags in general, but the day you walk out there and go "God, my baby gurgled in such a sweet way," that is the end of a comedy career!

    • Dara: The more popular you get, the less hot you get. Take the last Lee Evans tour - it got cool press reviews but Lee is incredibly successful - he sold 41,000 tickets in Birmingham! It's not like pop where the biggest acts get the biggest coverage; the medium acts get good coverage and then either you're too new or too big.

    • Dara: (speaking on the "structure" of his live gigs) It's all themed lads, it's delicately themed, it's all about rules and laws and how I don't follow them.

    • Dara: I love the atmosphere in Ireland when doing a live show, the crowd is always so energetic.

  • Dara O Briain-Irish stand up comedian, lives in London, originally from Co.Wicklow.

    Dara O Briain is definetly one of the all time greats when it comes to Irish comedy. He is an absolute genius with his ability to think up witty and hilarious gags on the spot. His live DVD, recorded at the Theatre Royal in London is a masterpiece, one of my favourite dvds to watch again and again.

    His performance in shows like The Panel truly showcase this mans unbelieveable talent at getting a crowd going. He makes the show side splittingly funny to watch and has me in tears of laughter week after week with his high energy comedy.moreless