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  • talented(very)!!

    he's definitely done some of the best voices that i've heard in a while(that's pretty weird i didn't hear of him earlier because he voices so many characters). he's also done a great job on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide as a live-action actor, proving his talent isn't just limited to voice work. my favorite would have to be his cosmo voice. not many guys i know can make a voice that matches the description of an idiotic, childish fairy husband. but I need to give them credit- the whole oddparents cast is extremely talented. speaking of them, i need to go write their reviews.
  • Great guy!

    Wow he is so awesome, I first saw him on "Ned's Declassified School Surviver Guide" and he makes a great gordy! he portrayed him well! he was even the funniest character on that show! and later I was researching about The Fairly Odd Parents and I found out he voices so many characters in there and I was like "WHOA!" it doesn'teven sound the same as the other! he's a great guy! he's so comedic and great! he's really a great voice actor! I'm sure I'll see more of him because I'd like to see more of his future projects! I know he'll do a great job!
  • Great voice actor. Great actor.

    He is so awesome. I mean i really didnt recognise his voice in the fairly oddparents. I couldnt differentiate the dirfference between Jordan and Cosmo. He is so WOW! kinda reminds me of Tara Strong.
    Darran is also a great actor and comidean(sry for yhe wrong spelling). I think he acted and played so well in Ned's Declassified. Honestly, its really hard to find someone whose good acting, voice acting and a really funny comdian.
    You all have to agree that is cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool and really really realy awesome huh, right,right?
  • He is by far one if the best voice actors I have ever heard.

    He is by far one if the best voice actors I have ever heard. Evidence of this is proven in the fact that he is in so many, many shows, and usually I don't recognize his work. Most of the time I never find out that it's him unless I look it up. :P He's absolutley phenomenal. Every character that I've heard him play (I think that) I loved it. He's also a great actor. I absolutely loved his performance as Gordy in the Teenick sitcom Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He was the PERFECT choice for Gordy, and I don't think he could have played the part any better. Daran Norris is such a all-around talented actor and voice actor.
  • An excellent voice-over who has done many cartoons such as fairly odd parents, the replacements, american dad, buzz lightyear and many many shows. Also proven to be a pre-eminent actor on the comedy series, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

    Wow. That's the only word I can use to describe him. His voice sounds different in every single cartoon. A truly gifted voice-artiste who has brought laughter to a million faces. He also had proven to be great as his role as Gordy on Ned's Declassified. I think that this guy needs to be more succcesful than he is as he deserves more credit than he's given. At times, I couldnt even believe that he was voicing certain parts as his tone and everything is unique to any given role. I hope that he's recognised more vividly for his talents someday. He deserves fame!
  • I love his voice as Cosmo!

    Daran Norris is an amazing voice actor. I just love his voice. My favorite voice that he plays is Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents. It is amazing and he always makes me laugh. He is also really great as Mr. Turner. I've seen him in a show that is not a cartoon called Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. He plays Gordy. I also heard him in The Replacements and Dick Daring, Codemane: Kids Next Door as Sumo Wrestler and Pirate, El Tigre as Officer Suarez, and The Powerfuff Girls as Wizzer, Stanley Practice, and Goll-Gorr. Overall, he's one of my favorite voice actors of all time.
  • Super cool!!!

    Daran Norris is one of the greatest voice actors of all time. He did the voice of Cosmo, Jorgan von strangle, and Timmy`s dad on the popular show, The Farily Odd Parents. He also did the voice of El Tigre on the new nickelodeon show El Tigre The Adventures Of Manny Rivera. He was the person name Gordy on the hit show, Ned`s Declassified School Survial Guide. Now I know how he really looks like. I didnt know he did so many shows. Daran Norris does a very good job on the shows he did. I dont know what else to say but he is really cool and he always will be.
  • He is also overused a bit.

    Daran Norris has talent all right! And he voices everything possible.

    I think that he may have too much of a career in acting. He's a good actor, but is used too much, especially in kid's shows.

    I think I like him the best as Gordy on Ned's Declassified. His talent is used quite a bit there and he does a good job and adds to the countless amount of Fairly Odd Parents references.

    So he is a good actor, but needs to be used less.
  • Born for making people laugh.

    Daran Norris is the greatest. Gordy, on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, is the ultimate laugh machine. There is no actor on any other show that is funnier than Daran Norris. Then there is The Fairly OddParents, where Daran Norris plays the voice of Cosmo, the idiotic godparent of Timmy's. The creators of The Fairly OddParents made Daran Norris as funny as he is on Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Daran Norris should have his own stand-up show, or something like that. Or, he could have a comedy talk show like the The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or David Letterman. Daran Norris is a very great actor and side-splitting. He's a classic.
  • This guy is a genius and is born to do comedy. Hands down.

    Daran Norris is a very talented person who can do many unique voices. I've only seen (and heard) him in action for two parts, and I still think he is really great.

    In "The Fairly OddParents," he voices as Cosmo, Timmy's green-haired, dim-witted fairy godparent. And wow, what a great job he does. The way he does Cosmo, I can't really explain it, but it is the perfect "idiot/geek" voice. I give kudos to Butch Hartman for choosing the right voice for Cosmo, because I think that no one else is better suited for that role than Norris is. In "Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide," he plays Gordy, the lazy janitor at Polk Middle School who always "lets the night guy do it." Again, he is absolutely fabulous to play that role. Not only is he a great voiceover but a great and entertaining actor as well.

    This guy is awesomely talented. See him in action!
  • Man of a thousand Voices!

    Daran Norris, all though not many people know him by name, is a huge hit! He has been in over 130 tv shows, movies and cartoons. I can't believe he plays four role on the fairly odd parents alone! He his so talented and can do so many thing with his voice. I don't think Cosmo sounds at all the same as Timmy's dad! I hope his talents take him far.
  • I somehow admire his voice.

    I really like his voice acting. For it was funny for me that he does the voice of Cosmo and his orignal voice (Daran, of course) is mostly deeper than Cosmos and most of the voices he does for other characters. I found that funny and I really like his talent. He's an awesome voice actor for cartoons and various video games like Ratchet: Deadlocked.
  • Vocal chameleon, nifty actor, cute cute cute.

    I've become a really big fan of Daran Norris over the past year. The range of voices he does genuinely blows me away. Sometimes I wonder how such vocally-diverse characters could possibly be voiced by the same man -- but they are! How does Daran even keep track of which voice belongs to whom? I think he's an awesome voice actor; one of the finest. I also really enjoy watching him on Veronia Mars and Ned's Declassified. Who doesn't love Gordy the Janitor? He always makes me laugh. Maybe my best friend and I wouldn't have skipped school as often as we did if there was a tall, sexy, mussy-haired janitor like Gordy at OUR school. ;) Daran has a lot of boyish charm, a sense of humour, and an amazing talent for voices. He's definitely the bees' knees!
  • Yay! Daran Norris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Daran Norris is one of my favorites! Come on, how many actors do you find with good looks and awsome voice actings?! I found out that he\'s not as old as people say, but hey good looks arn\'t everything. I might be young, but I now what i\'m saying about this guy. I watch \"Nickalodeon\" just to here this guy talk. To bad he dosn\'t play in adult movies that would be great. I wonder when Daran started doing voices? Hmmmmm... Anyways as I was saying, Daran Is neat, he seems nice, but hmmmm, interesting, I\'d better read some more biographys. Peace Out!
  • Very talented

    Daran Norris voices Cosmo, Timmy\'s Dad and Jorgen Von Strangle on The Fairly OddParents. These 3 characters sound nothing alike. However, a lot of his voices are similar to one another (this may be his regular voice, I\'m not sure). I\'ve seen this used (more or less) for George Washington in two FOP episodes, Jack Smith in an episode of American Dad!, Spottswoode(sp?) in Team America: World Police, Mercurymon in Season 4 of Digimon: Digital Monsters and one of the Nanobots from Jimmy Neutron. However, the voice he uses for Cosmo is the best of the lot and is way off every other voice he does (except Cosmo-related characters).
  • A great voice actor in "The Fairly OddParents."

    Daran Norris does the voices of Cosmo, Mr. Turner, and Jorgen Von Strangle on "The Fairly OddParents." I think he does a great job voicing all those characters. They are some of the funniest characters on the show, and I think that his voice makes their jokes funnier. He has a great voice, as well.
  • One of the best voice actors on Nickolodeon.

    Another review, another talented voice actor. Daran is extremely gifted. He's one of the funniest voice actors I've seen (or heard) on tv.

    I know him best for his works on Fairly Odd Parents. He's the voice of Cosmo, Mr. Turner, and Jorgen Von Strangle. He does a splended job for each character. He can pull off the different voices splendidly. Cosmo has the higer pitched, stupid voice, Mr. Turner is alot like Cosmo, only with a deeper voice, and Jorgen Von Strangle is Daran's impression of the Govenator.

    Daran is now starting to take his work on screen. He plays the role of Gordy in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide. Gordy is one of the funnier characters in the show.

    I perfer him as a voice actor however. I really hope he start taking his talent to the big screen.