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  • Underrated child star from the 1960's

    When you think of great child actors from the 1960's the names Ron Howard, Kurt Russell, Jerry Mathers, etc. come to mind. These days it seems that no one remembers Darby Hinton, most famous for playing Israel Boone on the 1964-70 frontier drama Daniel Boone. Hinton, though largely forgotten today, was one of the best child actors of that era. He made Israel Boone an engaging and believable character and was one of the most popular child actors then working in television. But alas, unlike say Russell and Howard, Hinton never had the career as an adult that he did as a child. Perhaps that's the main reason he's not as well remembered today as he should be. With the long-awaited release of Daniel Boone on DVD many TV viewers will get the chance to re-discover Hinton and his talents. That's a good thing.