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Darcel started dancing professionally at the age of thirteen. She has danced in films, on television, performed on Broadway and has choreographed and performed for shows in Las Vegas. Darcel also staged and toured the US with her own one-woman production "Darcel's Review." Darcel danced and toured with the legendary "Temptations."

As her popularity grew, so did her exposure in the entertainment world and she soon appeared in the films: Xanadu, Jesus Christ Superstar, The Great White Hope, Mame, Scrooge, The Last Two Married Couples, Night Shift, Funny Girl and Funny Lady. Some of Darcel's television credits include: The Sammy Davis Jr. Show, NBC Follies, Red Foxx Show, Lesley Uggums Show, Pearl Bailey Show, Sonny and Cher Show and the Carol Burnett Show.

Darcel made her first national appearance on the hit television series "Solid Gold." Her unique beauty and dancing technique drew all eyes to her and during season 6, she was not only featured as the lead dancer, but had many speaking roles, regularly announcing the Top 10 Countdowns on Solid Gold. So popular and recognizable was Darcel that she was invited to be the first celebrity to do David Letterman's top ten countdown.

Still a driving force in the entertainment industry, Darcel has just completed her autobiography "Darcel - Sexy's Back and She's Still… Solid Gold." Her book is a compelling story of marriage, dreams, hopes, betrayal, abuse, living on the edge and her incredible comeback. Darcel and her new book will be featured as the cover story in DAEIDA Magazine. Establishing herself as an author, Darcel now has plans to turn her book into a film. This dynamic and powerful woman is now creating her own TV Reality show "Getting Your Sexy Back" and is inspiring women from all walks of life. Women of all ages, backgrounds and dance levels are packing the dance studios to participate in Darcel's classes. Under Darcel's energizing and encouraging instruction, these women are transforming and finding a common experience that brings joy and rejuvenates their souls. Darcel affirms: "It's not What You Have to Lose but What You Have to Gain" and is now choreographing at private studios in Los Angeles funk, jazz, hip hop, and inspirational dances for these women who range in age from 20 to 60+ years. The transformation of these ladies has been amazing. Darcel's talent agency "Seasoned Beauties" is now representing and booking these talented women. Darcel is currently the choreographer and artistic director for the Funk Fusion Dancers. Darcel is honored and revered by many as a dance icon and her fan base continues to grow. Darcel has proven herself as an author, producer, choreographer and director. Darcel will always be remembered as the famed principal dancer on Solid Gold.