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Darien Takle


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Darien knew at a very early age that she wanted a career on stage. At the age of four she played the starring role in an amateur production of Red Riding Hood, and announced in kindergarten that she was going to be an actress when she grew up.…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Darien is a member of the Actors Equity Union of New Zealand.

    • In 1999, Darien appeared in several short films, including Sci-fi Betty and Donuts for Breakfast.

    • Darien is 5'3 3/4" tall, with wavy auburn hair and blue-green eyes.

    • Darien can play the guitar, piano/keyboards, and the ukulele.

    • Darien can use the following accents: American Standard, Bronx, Brooklyn, Californian, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, and Scottish.

    • Darien is represented professionally by the Robert Bruce Agency of Auckland.

    • In 2000, Darien appeared in the NZ short film Sci Fi Betty along with fellow Xena actresses Polly Baigent and Meighan Desmond.

    • Darien writes and directs as well as a acting.

    • Darien is a tutor at the Toi Whakaari Drama School of New Zealand, the school from which she herself graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts. She is also a tutor at the Performing Arts School of New Zealand.

    • Darien appears regularly at Xena conventions, and enjoys singing in the cabaret shows that take place every night there. She can sing in many different styles, including Blues, Country & Western, Musical Theatre, Opera, and Show. She sings in the Mezzo Soprano range.

    • In 2003, Darien won "Best Digital Feature Performance" at the New Zealand Film and TV Awards for her role in the movie Christmas.

    • Darien's last name Takle is pronounced TAKE-ul.

    • One of the most difficult things Darien did playing Xena's mother on the show Xena Warrior Princess was to sing the song that had become her character's hometown anthem. It was called "Glede Ma Glede", and it was in Bulgarian, so she had no idea what it was she was actually singing! But she was supposed to be singing it in defiance of the Goddess Athena, so she decided to sing it as if it were "We Shall Overcome".

    • When asked the most romantic thing ever done for her, Darien replied that a man once rode 400 miles on a motorbike to propose to her in hospital where she had just had another man's baby. She does not say whether she answered him with a yes or no, however.

    • Darien studies Buddhism and is inspired by the Dalai Lama.

    • Being an actress and a mother of actors, Darien has some sound advice for people considering making the theatre their profession. She says be prepared to get rejections sometimes, even a lot, and not take it personally. A rejection is not really a rejection; it just means someone was more suitable for the job and your turn WILL come. It's most often not your talent, it's your look, so when you turn up for an audition: 1. Be early; 2. Look the part, i.e. hairdo, makeup, clothes; 3. Never, ever, ever tell them you are tired, sick, had a late night, only got the lines yesterday or that you are not good enough or that your cat died and you are in a bad way. Leave all that stuff at home; 4. Know your lines backwards and if not, don't go. And lastly, always remember there are NO small parts.

    • Darien handles stress through exercise and walking. She enjoys Yoga and walking near bodies of water or in art gallerys. She also enjoys swimming and water skiing.

    • Darien's son and daughter are both actors in their own right, and she has performed with both of them in several productions. She tells them that once they get to the theatre their family relationship is temporarily suspended, making them nothing but professional actors working together, but Darien has been known to backslide if her son tries to drink a caffeinated beverage at night time!

    • One of Darien's favorite appearances on Xena was on the musical episode "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire". Suprisingly, though, she didn't sing in it, but she didn't mind that, since she had several dance routines to learn.

    • In 1999, Darien made a CD titled "No Regrets", which she describes as a kind of "musical autobiography" since it includes songs from many of her leading theatre roles.

  • Quotes

    • Darien: I auditioned to play Hercules' mother once a long time ago, but I ended up playing Xena's mother. I was very happy about that, it's been a very happy time.

    • Darien: I think violence in the media has left our children thinking violence is entertainment. Violence is related to sitting comfortably at home eating and being entertained. My son is doing a project on this at school and so we are debating a lot right now. His argument is that if one is in the right environment at home and one knows right from wrong, then one will not be desensitized. He says you know it's not real and so that's okay but I am finding I am turning off violent tv programs, especially where it is violence done to women. I would like to see far less glorification of violence and in many ways it's up to the actors who agree to act in violent movies and up to the media who continue to blast our living rooms with terrible scenes.

    • Darien: I love life in the dressing room; it's like being home and there's such a closeness that develops between the actors one is sharing with. I find having one's own camper on a TV or a film set is a bit isolating and lonely. A theatre dressing room can be rather grotty and cramped and threadbare but the conversations that go on would make award winning films or novels.

    • Darien: So I started acting because it was my destiny, I guess, and I'm still hanging in there hoping to avoid having to do a real job. Usually just as I start looking at other possible jobs, an acting job comes in.

    • Darien: (on being choosy over which roles she will play) I look for something that will really stretch me, that`s not going to be a walk in the park, or for which I`m going to have to draw on either something within myself or something that I have to see in somebody else.

    • Darien: I also really love doing comedy. I belong to a women`s comedy club called Hen`s Teeth. I`ve got this funny old lady character and I`ve also got a teenage boy and a minister that I do. And I`ve got this character called Dolly Pardon. I do country and western versions of straight songs, wearing huge knockers and a tight skirt!