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    • Darin: (on John Travolta, Al Pacino and Johnny Depp) They are all great actors of our time and I dream of working with them some day. They are all able to adapt and create such different characters, and they bring so much energy to what they do.

    • Darin: (on his acting idols) I admire Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and Johnny Depp. I'm not going to say Heath Ledger!

    • Darin: (when asked if there are any scenes he's proud of) It has been the most recent stuff, which has been meatier. At first, I was just always telling Chelsea it was going to be okay. But there was one episode where I was laying into her and telling her my true feelings.

    • Darin: (when asked if he's had any weird fan encounters) My parents were visiting one time and we were at an Italian restaurant. This woman walks up and says, 'I think you're really good.' Then she turns to my parents and goes, ' He's really, really good! If you haven't seen him, you should'. It's cool that fans come up to say they enjoy what's going on.

    • Darin: (on what he'd like to see happen to his character, Max, on "Days Of Our Lives") I want to do some crazy stuff. I want to be a bad guy again. Maybe his long-lost father could come back, so there can be some real anger and a darker side to play.