Darren Brass

Darren Brass

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The lovable one. Within five minutes of meeting Darren, it becomes clear that he is a teddy bear of a guy. His sweet demeanor and disarming smile can make the most nervous first-time clients feel relaxed in his chair. Because he is so nice, he is the butt…more


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  • You just gotta love him!

    You just have to love Darren! The first time I saw him on Miami Ink, you could just tell he's the big teddy bear out of the group! I just want to give him a big hug!

    He's so kind and gentle to everyone in the shop although this usually ends him being joked about. But this shows he never tries to be a tough guy or anything he's not! He seems to be a family man and loves his family very much and isn't afraid to show it!

    Darren is very talented tattoo artist. Although he's quite laid back, when it comes to tattooing he always does his best and puts 100% heart into every tattoo he does!

    I definitely wouldn't mind Darren giving me a tattoo.moreless
  • Talented

    Daren is awesome I love how laid back the guy is. Watching him ink on the show he obviously has massive talent. It makes me laugh he gets crap for being the nice guy. When he just doesn't try to be something he's not and act like a hardass. I'd trust the guy to do any ink on me.