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    • Darren: It's fundamentally crazy. Nothing has really sunk in, partially because when you're doing television, there's a disparity and disconnection. There's no immediacy like in theater when you're doing something and then everyone is experiencing it in real time. When you're doing something like Glee, you do it, you disappear, and then even when I watch alone in my room, it's like I don't feel like this crazy machine that is Glee. The only way I feel like it is when I'm on the phone more, and a couple more meetings more, and busier than I was before. But it's a blessing and the cool thing about being busy with the show is that it's with a character that I really love, I'm really proud of, and capitalize each day so it's busy for a good reason. I'm not like a crazy action villain in a blockbuster movie, it's something that I can gladly take on cause it has to do with something so strong.