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    • Darren: (On his preferred type of performing) I do. No matter what, I will always prefer a live performance. Whether it be a play or a musical, or playing music live. As long as it's live, it's the best because there's sort of an immediacy to connection between an audience and a performer, whereas where you do film or television, you're at the whim of so many different forces. You know, there's a lot of editing and camera work involved, and also you have to wait quite a long time before you see any kind of reaction or connection to what it is that you did on camera. So, yeah, I always prefer doing things live. Between acting and as a musician, I'd say I probably prefer playing my own shows as a musician because that's when you're truly the master and commander of your own ship and it's always fun just playing music with a band, really just actively putting your energy into something that you've created is so much fun. You know, where you don't have a script not to necessarily hold you down, because if the script is good it doesn't really matter. But yeah, so playing music is definitely my preferred mode of transport, as it were.