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    • Darren: (On Chris Colfer) I mean, I've spent most of my time with Chris, but I've only been there for a short amount of time. I really like Chris a whole lot, we get to geek out a lot of musical theatre things and I think we enjoy a lot of the same things in general. I think both of us strive to be generally fabulous on a day-to-day basis, so that's something I like to relate to Chris about. But I read that Jane said that about him. I don't know – maybe it's because – well, I wouldn't say that he's an 80 year old woman. I'd say he's more of like – he's like a magical creature, like a really fun, magical.. I can't figure out what entity I want to say. Yeah, he's like… man, I'm trying to think of a good creature that's like, awesome. He's like a really playful wood nymph. A wood nymph that's caught in Chris Colfer's body. That's what I would say, because he loves – he's a really positive, playful guy. So wood nymph does it better for me than 80 year old woman. But then again, that might just be a difference in sentiment between me and Jane Lynch, because arguably, they are the same thing. Maybe wood nymphs are, in fact, 80 year old women, maybe that's…