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Darren Dunstan

Darren Dunstan



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  • Darren Dunstan truly indeed has a lot of talent for playing individual characters.

    When I begin to listen to "It will all be mine" from Pokemon Live!, (that's right, Giovanni's signature song) my jaw dropped on what a great voice he had. I was shocked that the same guy who voices Maximillion Pegasus was also Giovanni. And I agree, the guy has a lot of guts and really captured Giovanni's obsessive, power-hungry side.

    Not only that he can easily fool us into believing that the voice of Splinter is an elder/middle age Asian male. I don't know if Pegasus' voice is his true voice, but I doubt it. But when he sings "It will all be mine", it might make you think otherwise.

    All and all a very talented actor. Not a bad looker either. But not my type.moreless
  • Awesome!

    Any man who has the guts to play Giovanni in the broadway play "Pokémon Live" is okay by me. Either way, he's awesome. His voice is very recognizable and sounds....really cool...

    He's a great singer. Not like "Hey, did you get Darren Dunstan's new CD?" Singer, but he sometimes sings on various things and does it well. Hurray for "D-squared"!