Darren E. Burrows





9/12/1966 , Winfield, Kansas

Birth Name




Darren E. Burrows was born on the 12th of September 1966, his father is actor Billy Drago. Darren is one quarter Apache and one quarter Cherokee, his light coloured hair was dyed twice a week for his most famous role as Ed Chigliak in Northern Exposure.

Before Northern Exposure Darren had been in many movies as a result of being part of his father and his father's girlfriend Silvano Gallardo's acting school. His first acting role was in the movie 976-EVIL and after that came Casualties of War, of 1999 and Cry Baby. However originally Darren lied about his experience to get himself an agent.

On the 29th of December Darren and his wife Melinda Deldago had a son, William Franklin Burrows. After that Burrows has had three more sons with Melinda bringing their total to four.

Darren continues to act in many low budget movies and is still a prominent member of the acting community.