Darren Hayes

Darren Hayes


5/8/1972, Brisbane, Australia

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Darren Stanley Hayes


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Starsign: Taurus Chinese Animal: Water Rat Siblings: An older brother (Peter) and sister (Tracey) Parents: Robert and Judy Hayes Height: 5' 10" Hair: Currently brown/black but naturally blonde. Eye Colour: Blue Schools: Mabel Park Infants and High school, Australia Current Home: California, USA Favourite Author: Anne Rice Favourite…more


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  • Trivia

    • In August 2007, Darren was arrested for racially abusing a waiter at a Thai restaurant in London. Darren was later released and maintains he is innocent of the charge.

    • He is currently managed by Leonie Messer and Wendy Laister.

    • He filmed his music video for his single "POPular" in London, in locations such as the London Undergound, Madam Tussauds and Oxford Street.

    • He attended Mabel Park State High School in Brisbane, Australia.

    • His nickname is Daz.

    • He is recording his third solo album due for release in early 2007.

    • He currently resides in London, England.

    • He spent 7 years living in San Francisco.

    • In November 2005 Sony Music released the Savage Garden greatest hits album Truly Madly Completely which contains all the well known Savage Garden hits as well as rare b-sides.

    • He was a vegetarian for 7 years, but he currently eats meat.

    • He worked as an early education teacher while waiting for Savage Garden's first album to be released.

    • He collects Star Wars memorabilia.

    • He attended the University of Queensland. He deferred his studies in Teaching to pursue music.

    • He is 5' 10" in height.

    • His natural hair color is blonde, but he dyes it dark brown/black.

    • He married his boyfriend of two years, Richard Cullen, in a civil partnership ceremony in London on June 19 2006.

    • He has an older brother named Peter and an older sister named Tracey.

    • His father, Robert Hayes, is a Merchant Seaman and his mother, Judy Hayes, is a nurse.

    • He was married to Colby Hayes Taylor from 1997 to 1999.

    • His Chinese Astrology sign is the Rat.

    • His band Savage Garden was first called Crush. They changed their name as it was already taken by a British band. Savage Garden was a name in Anne Rice's book The Vampire Lestat, which described the vampires' lairs.

    • Darren's singles:
      1 Insatiable (Album Spin, 2002).
      2 Strange Relationship (Album Spin, 2002).
      3 I Miss You (Album Spin, 2002).
      4 Crush (1980 Me) (Album Spin, 2002).
      5 Pop!ular (Album The Tension And The Spark, 2004).
      6 Darkness (Album The Tension And The Spark, 2004).
      7 So Beautiful (Album Truly Madly Completely: The Best Of Savage Garden, 2005).

    • After the breaking up with the band Red Edge, he and guitarist Daniel Jones a formed duo called Crush, later renamed Savage Garden. They were a great success from 1995 and until the end in October 2001.

    • In 1993 he found an advertisment in a magazine, made by Daniel Jones, asking for a lead singer for a band called Red Edge. He auditioned and won even though his voice broke. In 1994 the group failed to win a contract and broke up.

  • Quotes

    • Darren: That's the best thing about being gay - you can share each other's clothes and you can find someone that likes Star Wars. On Darren and Richard's first date, they watched The Empire Strikes Back.

    • Darren: He's my equal. He's not impressed by my credit card. He had his own life. He's such a happy person, an even person, and really levels me out. On being married to Richard Cullen.

    • Darren: It's beautiful. I love coming home to him every night and I love the little things like arguing over who is going to make a cup of tea or who's fed the dog. On being married to Richard Cullen.

    • Darren: The album is quite autobiographical. It talks about relationships. The last record was naïve because we were. At that point, we would have done anything to succeed. And it's easy to get distracted and surround yourself with toys. But I wanted to get back to a sense of normality. I needed that sense of reality.

    • Darren: I wanted to make an album that was painfully honest, like Bruce Springsteen's Tunnel of Love.

    • Darren: I think in some way, there aren't a lot of people making pop music with sincerity. We offer a slight alternative to that- for people not getting the 'N Sync vibe. We have simple, honest music and a little something for everyone.

    • Darren: The more rewarding part of doing a solo record for me was having more control in the studio.

    • Darren: A big section of our audience is young and female. Housewives like our love songs, but then again, everyone likes to dream about love.