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Darren Matthews

Darren Matthews


5/10/1968, Codsall Wood, Staffordshire, England, UK

Birth Name

Darren Nathaniel Matthews



Also Known As

Darrin Matthews, Steven William Regal, William Regal, Steven Regal, Good Will Ambassador, The Man's Man, Lord Steven Regal
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Darren Matthews began his wrestling career at the age of 15, in Blackpool, England. He made a name for himself as an attraction of Blackpool Theme Park, by challenging members of the public to defeat him for cash while also impressing many wrestling promoters on the UK indie…more


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  • He's a good wrestler.

    He might not be very popular, but he is a good wrestler. And he needs to get a push in the WWE. The intercontinental title would fit him well. He has done many things for the WWE. But some fans just don't see him very entertaining which I have no idea why.
  • He is one of WWE best wrestlers.

    Whether he is a heel or face, Regal is likable, he has been successful in making a name for himself in WWE. I believe he is misused pretty badly and I think he should get a huge push for at least the Us Title. Give this man a push WWE.