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Daryl Brunt

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  • I Love Daryl I see him like everyday!He is so cute! and nice I dont care what other people say he is nice to me!

    I Love Daryl so much he is so funny and cute!

    I see him like everyday he has the cutest singing voice ever! And his smile is so adorabale an innocent! He is nice I dont care what other people say about him hes not meen to me! He is an awsome actor and like an awsome singer!! I got his autograph lol. Im not the only one. He is not that shy I was suprized because he looks like a little shy boy. actualy man! Anyways give me some feedback! He is so cute!! But I want to know what you think!So Sexy!moreless
  • OK well i just adore Daryl. I think he is really cute and he can sing great. And the thing that I really love is that he compares himself with Kalan Porter on the Canadian Idol website and I love Kalan Porter so much that it made me really happy!moreless

    I didn't watch Canadian Idol till I found out Kalan Porter would be on the finale and so I had to watch it and thats where I first saw Daryl. When I saw him the first thing out of my mouth was me saying out HOT he was! And then I heard him sing and I just loved it. I think he is very talented and should've won although Melissa is a good singer too! And then Kalan Porter was on and I was very happy! And I needed to know more about Daryl because I didn't know anything so I came online and went to the Canadian Idol website and looked at Daryl's profile and when I found out that he compares himself I started freaking out and that made me just fall in love with him even more! Ok so thats all I really have to say but I wished he would've won and yeah.moreless