Dat Phan

Dat Phan


1/25/1975, Saigon, Vietnam

Birth Name

Dat Tien Phan


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Dat's funny, but it's been a long road to get there
By Robert P. Laurence
June 23, 2003

Life wasn't always funny for Dat Phan.

Right now, he's in the national spotlight as one of the 10 up-and-coming comedians in NBC's prime-time talent contest, "Last…more


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  • Yawn!!!!!!!!! This guy is not funny at all! I never felt so bored watching him in my life. All he can do is the same act over and over again!

    Dat Pham is just plain boring. I never liked his acts, I find them very boring and stupid. How much Chinese acts can you do!? He needs to come up with way better material. All his acts are \\\\\\\"Chinese mother! Chinese mother!\\\\\\\". It\\\\\\\'s not funny. It\\\\\\\'s dumb and gets boring. I still have no clue how he won Last Comic Standing? There were way funnier comics on there that should have won. When he returned to the last season finally, once again his act was the same. If he didn\\\\\\\'t keep doing the lame Chinese jokes, then he would be funny.

  • He's really funny!

    I'm so glad that he won the first Last Comic Standing - he was clearly the funniest and most of the others were jerks anyway. I was surprised to find out that he voiced Kwan on Danny Phantom, but that's cool too.

    Dash: Dude, that sounded a little TOO real.

    Kwan (panicking and running away): Techno geek is CONTAGIOUS!!