Dave Annable

Dave Annable


9/15/1979, Suffern, New York

Birth Name

David Rodman Annable


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Dave Annable was born in Suffern, New York and grew up in Walden, a small town in upstate New York, with his two sister Rebecca and step-sister Stacey. He has always loved sports; his favorites include hockey, baseball, and rugby. Annable moved to New York City to pursue…more


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    • Dave: (on his role in Reunion) "It's a very surreal experience to see yourself older."

    • Dave Annable (About his High School Years): My high school years were pretty fun. Freshman year, I was actually kinda heavy for two years. That was a little bit difficult, but I think everybody has to go through it to learn. I had my little sister. She was a grade under me. I'm still friends with a lot of people from high school. You carry a lot of those friendships on.

    • Dave Annable (When asked about how his friends feel about his career): They think it's great. I'm the first one of my friends to do this. It's totally Entourage. Anytime I go anywhere, I bring my buddies from home. Everyone's really excited. I get calls all the time whenever they see the trailer for Reunion. A couple buddies are trying to get girlfriends from it. They're like, 'I know that kid right there.'

    • Dave Annable (About his Reunion character, Aaron): He's a kid struggling with what he's going through... not having a girlfriend. He's in love with Amanda Righetti's character and they end up getting together in the first episode. He's learning a lot about himself. I think he's confused with which path he wants to go in his life. It's going to be fun to play because [I'm] playing a whole life over twenty years.

    • Dave Annable (About his Reunion character, Aaron): We're similar and very different in ways. We both rely on humor to ease situations. Aaron, I think, is a lot smarter than I am. He's going to MIT. Once in a while, I can't even spell MIT. I'm kidding. That was supposed to be funny

    • Dave Annable (About the show, Reunion): I'm under law by mom to watch it. My mom wants to call and talk about everything. She's one of those moms. If I wasn't in the show, I'd totally watch it -judging by the trailer. It's a great concept. There are a lot of great actors in it and it's interesting to see if we can pull off the characters. We have to play a character who progresses in age each year. It's going to be tricky.

    • Dave Annable: (About watching himself on the television) It's embarrassing. I think every actor is critical of themselves and wonders if they could've done it differently. Or "Why did I blink there?" It's a weird thing to watch yourself up there.

    • Dave Annable (About the cast of Reunion): We all get along. I know every cast says it, but we genuinely get along great.

    • Dave: (on why he lost 11kg for his role in "Brothers & Sisters") I read that I had to take my shirt off, and I was like, 'Woah, I might want to do a push-up or two'. No, they said he was skinny and struggling with addiction.

    • Dave Annable: I'm a big Michael J. Fox fan. He seems like such a good guy. I worked at Disney World one summer selling popcorn, and he was giving a speech. I called in sick that day so I could see him.

    • If he wasn't an actor.
      Dave: I'd like to be a teacher. Gym would rock.

    • Dave: I was one of the first ones cast on Brothers and Sisters before they started signing on the bigwigs. Then they got Calista and they kept putting more people on, and I was like,'Wow, this is nerve-racking.'

    • When asked the craziest thing the Reunion cast has done together:

      Dave Annable: Nothing too crazy. We bust on each other all the time. There's a lot of busting on our outfits -- like what we're wearing in the 80's. There's a lot of, "I can't believe you have to wear that." I think there's definitely going to be some practical jokes once we get up to Vancouver.

  • I love him at reuniun..too bad that it was canceled...Good he looks great''drools''

    I love him in reuniun..too bad that it was canceled...Goooood he looks great *drools*..he plays really good..he has a lot of talent..to bad that he didn't play in to many movies..but he is young:p....I just love how he is..what can you say more about him?lovely..realy lovely...good luck and I'm sure he will get very far..because he has everything,he has got the looks and the talnet..so go dave..I don't know what to write more:)):))):))I said everything..he has everything..for me he is simply perfect...bloody perfect:)):)):))...does anybody has some nice photos with him?please write me a pm:D:D...so in conclusion...Good luck Dave!hugs to everybody:p.god why do I have to write such a long review?...ok bye:)):))moreless
  • played Aaron in Reunion now playing drugged upex army Justin walker

    Dave Annable (born September 15, 1979) is an American actor. He was born in Suffern, New York.

    He attended SUNY Plattsburgh and participated in the student-run Plattsburgh State Television as talent and behind the camera. Annable first gained attention because of his role on FOX's short-lived drama, Reunion, a complex serial mystery spanning 13 years, in which each episode reveals a yearly clue to a controversial murder. Prior to his work on Reunion, he had guest-starring roles on NBC's Third Watch and The WB's Other People's Money. He was also featured in many television commercials, for such products as Mountain Dew and Starburst. His breakout role arrived in 2006, when he was cast to star in the ABC family drama Brothers & Sisters alongside some veteran television talent such as Calista Flockhart, Rachel Griffiths, Balthazar Getty, Ron Rifkin and Sally Field. On the big screen, Annable is best known for his role as Bean in director Nick Hurran's Little Black Book, opposite Brittany Murphy, Kathy Bates and Holly Hunter. An avid sports fan, Annable grew up in Walden, a small town in upstate New York, playing baseball, rugby and hockey. He also studied acting at the famed Neighborhood Playhouse in New York with Richard Pinter. In spring 2007, he was rumored to be dating former Everwood and current, Brothers & Sisters co-star, Emily VanCampmoreless