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  • I love him at reuniun..too bad that it was canceled...Good he looks great''drools''

    I love him in reuniun..too bad that it was canceled...Goooood he looks great *drools*..he plays really good..he has a lot of talent..to bad that he didn't play in to many movies..but he is young:p....I just love how he is..what can you say more about him?lovely..realy lovely...good luck and I'm sure he will get very far..because he has everything,he has got the looks and the talnet..so go dave..I don't know what to write more:)):))):))I said everything..he has everything..for me he is simply perfect...bloody perfect:)):)):))...does anybody has some nice photos with him?please write me a pm:D:D...so in conclusion...Good luck Dave!hugs to everybody:p.god why do I have to write such a long review?...ok bye:)):))