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  • Dave Chappelle is a comdeic genius

    Chappelle is one of the funniest comdeians on the planet. Dave Chappelle is a comdeic genius. Ever since i saw him on his show Chappelle's Show i fell in love with his humor. i love how he has no limits on what he does and he will make fun of everyone. i think that chappelle needs to come back and make some more episodes of the chappelle show because without him on tv it is just not the same. when i get bored with other shows i cant flip over and watch his show. I also like Dave for his role in the movie Undercover Brother
  • Man, I miss the Chappelle Show....

    This has to be one of the all time greatest commedian's to ever live. Dave Chappelle's brand of commedy catches the eye of everyone that he talks about. Some people may think that Dave is just a racist, but if you think about the things that Dave actually says when he saying a Joke or doing one of his famous sketches from the Chappelle show, you can see intellegence in the jokes.

    Dave Chappelle imo is probably the best commedian in this day and age. His commedy stands out all on it's own and is funny no matter how many times you hear it. I have never not once laughed at anything that Dave Chappelle has said before.

    So, in the end, Dave Chappelle stands out in a lot of ways and is probably the funniest commedian alive right now. I just wish that the Chappelle show would come back.

  • Hilarious beyond belief

    Man this guy is just too funny. I love watching him. He never has a dull moment. I love watching his comedy shows and i love watching the Chappelle's Show. That show is too funny. I love many skits he does in that show. One of my favorites is when he acts white and makes all those books and everyone thinks he is white when they find out he is black. Another one of my favorites is the Tupac song. That one has got to be the funniest. And the one where he does stuff in slow motion. All in all this guy is too funny.
  • Comic Genius

    Dave Chappelle is one of the funniest Comedians of this generation today. I mean come on this guy doesn't sucks in a matter of fact he's cool!! When I first saw this show I sais to myself that this guy is a comic genius. Dave chappelle starting acting roles back in the early 90's. His firt movie was robin hood men in tights and he recieved huge credit from it. All I'm saying that this guy is funny people. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • he is the funniest guy of all

    Dave chappele is a cool guy and he is funny but his jokes go a bit to far with refering to white people as things they are not but as of things go it is the funniest thing i have ever seen Dave Chapelle should work with other comedians such as steve harvey and eddie murphy and make a movie it would probably be the movie of the summer fall winter or spring Dave should also make more guest stars come on his show if u have any queations ask gecko55400 and maybe all your answers will be solved hopefully
  • Dave is a funny guy...

    Before he became a big time TV star with his own show named Chappelle's Show obviously, he started out in stand up. Dave has to be one of the funniest comedians today. His stand up specials bring the house down, the crowd loves him. His jokes are great and most of his material is from everyday things and he may use it in his show as well. Dave may say a lot of racist type jokes, he talks about race a lot in his stand up, but it's funny, he doesn't do it to make others feel unconfortable. His show is a hit, everyone who is a fan of his is anticipating another season of his show, and I'm sure it's going to be all that we are hoping for and more. The second season of his show took his career to a new level and with this time off, the upcoming season should pick up where the last one left off.
  • Dave Chappelle is too funny! ANd he sayings are a trendsetter.

    Dave Chappelle is very funny. His show was a very anticipated show to watch. I thought it was very and creative. His parodies actually show a truth and is still funny. \\\"I\\\'m Rick James Bi**h\\\" will be his most remebred quote. He was just too funny. I\\\'m glad he made the descion he made to turn down the $50 million dollar contract. It\\\'s not good to work in condtions where you feel pressured by many different people. Yeah, it\\\'s asjame the show won\\\'t continue but at least we can by it on dvd. I really wish that one day he will be able to have a lead role in a MAJOR comedy movie. No disrespect to his past but I just want to see him prosper.
  • We Will Miss You Dave

    Dave Chappelle is one of the funniest working comedians. His style in his stand-up is sometimes topical, but mostly he ruses on a lot of different topics, like race, pot, women/relationships, celebrities, etc. This sort of mold then went into his television show, which he co-created and co-wrote with Neal Brennan. I knew from the first episode that this would be a good series, because quite frankly it was a true knockout (it's climax was the Klu-Klux Klan skit, where Chappelle played Clayton Bigsby, a blind white supremacist). One of the treats of the show though was watching him make fun of celebrities, especially the more eccentric, popular, and deranged ones. The 'Rick James' bit is now almost over-praised at this point (although there is still much about it that's laugh-out-loud funny), but also his imitations of P. Diddy, Lil' John, Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, are perfectly tuned to get the laughs at the most random and absurd points. The sketches on rappers and relationships also are knockouts (like the Trading Spouses sketch or the Wu Tang cameos). While it is hit or miss with the musical acts he brings on towards the end, the satire makes up for it. There's even one or two sketches with Half Baked homages. So it's a very ideal purchase to get either season 1 or 2 (especially because its uncensored, and from his stand-up I've learned its twice the laughs), or to just tune in the several times a week Comedy Central plays the episodes. One can hope that if Chappelle doesn't return to the show at all, he'll come back with something that can be as entertaining and hilarious as this was.
  • Just to Funny!!

    Who would have ever known that Dave Chappelle would blow up like the way he did. I mean all the little movie parts and stand -up comedies were funny. Dave is one crazy brother and he can make you laugh. I just wish his show wouldn't have ended because it was mad funny.
  • offensive show? so wat

    dave chappelle is a great comedian and with a winning show... many people say that show is offensive, but i think they can stick that up their asses that show is by far better then mind of mencia and any other show on comedy central.... good job dave.

    ps. iam rick james bitch!
  • very funny, great show, best stand up comic

    This show is one of the best out there with all the shit shows out there on comedy central this one is FUNNY!!! If there were more shows like this out there television would be a better funnier place. Right now there are shows on TV that are so stupid I wont say them but there really is no reason for them to exist this show gives hope to the world that one day every thing will be funny although I don’t like some of the vomit peeing humor but there isn’t a hole lot of it in the show so everyone should watch this there is no excuse for not watching it .
  • Very funny man.

    Dave Chappelle is brilliant and funny. His show rules! I don't care what any story says about him because he's not crazy. He created all his skits and made some really funny ones. He is original and is not afraid to do something over the top and different. Great comedian.
  • Dave Chap. is very underrated, this man has talent.

    i feel that dave chap is very underrated i mean he could be and probably is greater than the people who have been on tv or have done movies from the past years, he is a very remarkable man. i feel that he doesnt get the recognition that he has earned and probably deserves. now i am not saying that every one should go and praise him like a god or something but, even though his shows are racy, and have bad language in em doesnt mean that by watching it u wont have a good time. people get made fun of in his show all the time, no matter what u r.