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  • Dave Chappelle is too funny! ANd he sayings are a trendsetter.

    Dave Chappelle is very funny. His show was a very anticipated show to watch. I thought it was very and creative. His parodies actually show a truth and is still funny. \\\"I\\\'m Rick James Bi**h\\\" will be his most remebred quote. He was just too funny. I\\\'m glad he made the descion he made to turn down the $50 million dollar contract. It\\\'s not good to work in condtions where you feel pressured by many different people. Yeah, it\\\'s asjame the show won\\\'t continue but at least we can by it on dvd. I really wish that one day he will be able to have a lead role in a MAJOR comedy movie. No disrespect to his past but I just want to see him prosper.