Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier


9/21/1959, St. Clair Shores, Michigan, U.S.

Birth Name

David Lee Coulier


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Dave's most famous role is Joey on Full House. He hosts America's Most Talented Kids and he will soon be starring in Skating With The Stars. He also does some cartoon voices, like Popeye and Bullwinkle, and appeared in The Even Stevens Movie.


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    • Dave: (on Full House) Everybody in town here it seems was reading for that
      character because he was supposed to be a comedian. So every comedian
      was going in there. I just went in on an audition and auditioned. After I finished,
      they said, "Can you also read for the role of the father?" And I said, "Yeah,
      sure." So I read for the role of the father and they said thank you very much,
      then I went home and my manager called and said, "You got this pilot for
      some show called Full House." At that time, we taped the pilot episode with
      a different father, other than Bob Saget. So we shot the entire pilot with this
      other guy playing the dad. Bob was in New York doing the CBS morning
      program and he got fired, actually. So the creator of the show, Jeff Franklin,
      said, "I want you guys to screen test with Saget." And I had already been
      friends with Bob for years and years. It was just so strange because there we
      were auditioning together for this pilot that was already picked up. And ABC
      saw our screen test together and they fired the other guy and hired Bob. Then
      we had to go back and record all the scenes that the other father was in and
      we plugged Bob in. So it was very, very strange. A very strange start to the

    • Dave: Years ago the Red Wings made me the honorary captain of the
      team for the 75th anniversary of the NHL. That was their first mistake.

    • Dave Coulier: (about the kids "upstaging" the adults on "Full House") I don't think there was ever any "focus envy," if that's what you call it. It was a situation where we were all in it together, and we all came out of it really happy.

  • This guy can act, skate, and is a really funny man.

    Okay so who doesn't love the show Full House. Well if you don't you don't know what you missing. I like his characther Joey on that show because he was basicly playing himself a comic. I haven't seen him in a while though. I saw him on a show with kids showing their talent but that didn't last long and was shown on normal tv. He was the host on that show but other then that i never seen him anywhere else. I think his time to find jobs in his field is over. To bad because he was pretty talented.moreless
  • Great talent

    Dave Coulier was born in 1959 and he is a comedian. A very funny comedian. He has a major role in the show Full House as Joey Gladstone. He was so funny. I love that show a lot, and he was a great character. I loved his impressions, and especially his little chipmunk friend, Mr. Woodchuck. Ha ha!! Well anyways, he was also on Skating With Celebrities as a celebrity skater. And also he was in the Even Stevens Movie. He only had a few lines in that but oh well. I loved that movie. He also was in many other TV shows and movies.moreless