Dave Fane

Dave Fane


12/28/1966, Aukliani (Auckland), Niu Sila (New Zealand)

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David Fane



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David Fane
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Dave is a New Zealand actor of Samoan descent best known for being a member of the comedy troupe The Naked Samoans and their movie Sione's Wedding, his cartoon bro'Town, and playing Falani on Outrageous Fortune.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • In 2010, Dave Fane starred in the half hour comedy sketch series RadiRadiRah. The show was written by the creators of bro'Town and it riffs on weird versions of reality- past, present and future. It also pokes fun at pop culture from around the world and uses a mixture of both live action and animation. Along with Dave, RadiRadiRah stars an ensemble of some of New Zealand's biggest names in comedy, including Taika Waititi (Boy and Eagle vs Shark), Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords), Oscar Kightley (Sione's Wedding and bro'Town) and Mario Gaoa (Diplomatic Immunity and bro'Town).

    • After the 2009 tsunami at Samoa Dave and his fellow Naked Samoans reunited to do a benefit performance for the Oxfam Tsunami Appeal, to aid those in need in their home country. All had friends and/or family affected by the tsunami.

    • Dave's skills include playing the trombone and fencing.

    • Dave is 6'0", with brown eyes and dark brown hair.

    • Dave is represented professionally by the firm Gail Cowan Management.

    • Dave's parents weren't thrilled right away that Dave wanted to be an actor. The first show Dave performed in, his mother came up on the stage while he was performing and hit him, saying that she hadn't raised him to swear in front of other people, and Dave changed the rest of his lines to avoid her wrath. But since the success of his movie Sione's Wedding, she's become quite proud of his success.

    • Dave had a stroke in the late 1990s. It took him a couple of years to recover fully, but now he's training to run in the Auckland marathon. But even after his stroke he didn't stop acting- he joined his fellow Naked Samoans in doing a show while still in recovery, speaking his lines while sitting off stage for the performance.

    • Dave attended the Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School, but got kicked out after his first year for goofing around. But a number of his classmates asked that he be reinstated, offering to give up their own second chance if necessary, and he was let back in. They let him back, and Dave says he behaved like an angel in thanks for all his friends' support.

    • Dave lives with his partner actress Bronwyn Bradley and their three children.

    • When Dave was in high school he was named his class' Head Boy, a position of leadership among his classmates. It was the first time a non Catholic student was given that title at St Paul's. He considers this ironic, since he was a bit of a rebel outside of school, and frequently shoplifted Crunchie candy bars while singing the Crunchie's commercial jingle. Dave was eventually expelled from the school for his mischief, but is still beloved by the teachers, and when his comedy troop the Naked Samoans needed rehearsal space, they were allowed to use the school gym.

    • Dave is cousin to Samoan author Sia Figiel and directed the stage adaptation of her Commonwealth Prize winning novel Where We Once Belonged for the Auckland Theatre Company.

    • When asked what he enjoys most about the experience of writing/acting/producing the NZ cartoon bro'Town, Dave says, "Working with my mates. Nothing beats that." And when asked what's most challenging about it, his answer is "Working with my mates, at times you want to smack them."

    • Dave's theatre credits include:
      (2011) The Twits "Mrs Twit", Auckland Theatre Company
      (2007) Niu Sila, Tauranga Festival
      (2004) Niu Sila, Downstage Theatre
      (2003) Ladies Night "Wes", Auckland Theatre Company
      (2002) Naked Samoans-The Trilogy
      (2001) Naked Samoans-The Trilogy, Wellington, Auckland
      (2001) Vicks Boy, Circa Theatre, dir. Danny Mulheron
      (2001) Paradise Takirua Prod., Circa Theatre, dir. Tina Cook
      (2000) Naked Samoans go to Hollywood, Wellington, Auckland
      (2000) Serial Killers Circa Theatre, dir. Cathy McRae
      (1999) Naked Samoans Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch
      (1998) Sons, Downstage Theatre, dir. Christian Penny
      (1998) Naked Samoans Talk About Their Knives, Wellington, Auckland
      (1997) Mojo Circa Theatre, dir. Stephen Bain
      (1997) A Streetcar Named Desire, Downstage Theatre, Northland Festival, dir. Jean Betts
      (1996) Eulogy, Downstage Theatre, dir. Andrew Foster
      (1994-1995) Fresh Off the Boat Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Brisbane, Samoa, dir. Nathaniel Lees
      (1993) Voices on the Wind, Barton National Tour, dir. Justine Simae Barton

    • In 2008, Dave was nominated for "Best Supporting Actor, Film" for The Tattooist and for "Best Script, Television Drama/Comedy" along with Oscar Kightley, Mario Gaoa, Shimpal Lelisi & Elizabeth Mitchell for bro'Town.

    • David has a degree from the Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School.

    • Besides his acting career, Dave also performs as the breakfast host on hip hop and R&B radio station Flava FM of New Zealand.

    • Dave won the 1998 Chapman Tripp Theatre Award as "Actor of the Year" for the play Sons.

    • Dave enjoys playing chess.

    • In 2005, Dave's show bro'Town, in which he voices nine characters as well as being one of its writers, won an award for "Best Script, Comedy" at the New Zealand Screen Awards.

  • Quotes

    • Dave: As long as I'm not thinking, my acting's brilliant.

    • Dave: (when people complain about his show "Bro'Town's" controversial humor) How dumb do you have to be to not understand what satire is? People take things far too literally.

    • Dave: (on his show "Bro'Town") We've hit a nerve with the show on New Zealand Television. We believe the show is a great reflection of NZ's multicultural environment.

    • Dave: (on the nine different characters he voices for "Bro'Town") It's like there's a party in my head and I'm the only one invited. Oh well, it's my round again.