Dave Foley





1/4/1963 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

David Scott Foley




Dave Foley is a Canadian comedian, actor, and writer who is best known for hisstarring roles in NewsRadio and The Kids In The Hall. Born in Etobicoke on January 4,1963, Foley would go on to drop out of high school to pursue stand-up comedy. In atheater training school he met Kevin McDonald, and the two of them formed thecomedy troupe The Kids In The Hall. The group gained enough attention to win ashot at a television show, which first aired in 1989. It ran for five years. The hitcomedy sitcom NewsRadio first aired in 1995, and Foley's character had been writtenspecifically for him. The show ran for four years. He went on to do a voice for A Bug'sLife and had cameos in Cars and Toy Story 2. In 2009, Foley starred in a series ofwebisodes called The Sensible Traveller, in which he offers practical advice for people on the go. Foley has been married and divorced twice and has two sons.