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    • Dave: (about daughter Alina) She just has this innate desire to be a performer which of course terrifies me.

    • Dave: With Kids in the Hall, we had fewer fans but they were more personal. They felt like you were their friends. Now, I get more people looking but not saying anything.

    • Dave: Like any kid who grew up in the late '60s, I was impressed by the lunar rover. I liked the idea of getting to play an astronaut

    • Dave: Well, the job is always the same. In a comedy sketch, you're making sure you get the laughs. With this, you make sure it's believable and interesting.

    • Dave: Oh yeah, my voice will be coming out of a number of toys this Christmas... and annoying millions of parents.

    • Dave: I always like doing movies--it's fun to get away from Dave Nelson.

    • Dave: (About the movie "The Wrong Guy".) It would be nice if it did well, but whatever happens, we made the movie we wanted to make and wrote what we wanted to write. And it was fun to play an idiot.

    • Dave: (About his role in the movie "Blast From The Past".) I play Alicia's gay roommate ... I figured it was time to stir up rumors of my sexuality again.

    • Dave: (On tapping his role in A Bugs Life.) I never got to meet any of the actors. We did our parts separately, which is odd because we seem to have such great chemistry. This virtual acting isn't so bad -- you can truly phone in a performance.

    • Dave: (On wearing a dress in an episode of "NewsRadio") I enjoyed it. It was nice to feel sexy for the first time in my life. I know Kevin found it disturbing how attractive he found me and so did some of the crew guys. Some of the crew guys would develop crushes on certain characters and would ask if they'd be showing up soon.

    • Dave: Nothing really happens fast. Everything happens at such a rate that by the time it happens, it all seems normal.