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    • Dave: For all you guys that haven't experienced the culinary delight that is the English breakfast, let me explain: First of all, they have these things called bangers. Now, a banger is a sausage, but it's not your everyday breakfast sausage...no, no, no...it's about the size of a hot dog, with a wonderful, almost papery skin on the outside. The inside is like the yummiest, squishiest, most delicious treat you've ever eaten. (I think I just made it sound disgusting) OK...so then you've got your eggs (nothing fancy), and your hash browns (no big whoop), and your toast, which, if you like, they will fry (I prefer it fried because, hey, anything to line my arteries with even more filth, GOD BLESS AMERICA...)...and then...here's the best part…. BAKED BEANS. Yes... baked ***king beans.... for breakfast. Oh my God, I could eat that shit all day. If I were president, I would make each and every school in America serve English breakfasts to the kids every morning.