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    • Dave: I remember watching Live Aid, live. I think I was maybe 14 or 15 years old and at that point in my life I was totally immersed in punk rock, and like, speed metal. I did not like melodic, popular rock music. I just didn't. I refused it. At that point I was just completely surrounded by punk rock and we watched Live Aid to laugh at everybody. We thought 'Ughhh - Live Aid, let's watch it. It's horrible'.

      We turned it on and after Queen were finished, all of us looked at each other and thought 'Oh my God, that was completely incredible. That was awesome. Queen are the best. They're amazing.' [chuckles] And they were, and that day they proved themselves to be the greatest live band you'd ever seen.

      I mean Live Aid was huge. man. How many bands played that thing? Everybody played that gig. Queen smoked 'em. They just took everybody. They walked away being the greatest band you'd ever seen in your life and it was unbelievable.

      And I think that's, that's what made the band so great, that's why they should be recognised as one of the greatest rock bands of all time because they could connect with an audience. Sixty thousand people. Like Wembley Stadium. You know how hard it is to get someone's attention who's on the other side of a room? Imagine a stadium. Imagine making them sing along with you, though they've never sung a note in their life, but somehow making, making a mass, thousands and thousands, connect with your music. It's not easy.

      Queen could do it, man.