Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes


11/26/1970, Warnambool, Victoria, Australia

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David William Hughes



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Dave Hughes is one of Australia's most impressive stand-up comedians, a rare beast in that every other comedian in Australia is only too ready to sing his praises. Since 1999 Hughesy has become one of the biggest and most loved names in Australian stand up comedy. A natural…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Every week Dave does his "Help me, Hughesy!" segment on Australian talk show, Rove [Live].

    • Dave will be back on the road again this October for a national tour with his new show Hughesy Rides Again.

    • Dave stared in the last ever episode of The Glass House on Wednesday 29th November.

    • Since 2001, Hughes has featured in Melbourne's Nova 100 breakfast program on weekdays, "Hughesy & Kate", with Kate Langbroek.

    • In the past, he has worked on national radio station Triple M, and had guest spots on Tv programs The Fat, Rove Live, The Panel, and others. Some of his performances have been recorded for CD, such as Dave Hughes Whatever. In the AFL season he is apart of the Network 10 Saturday night show 'Before The Game' along side Peter Hellier.

    • Dave is represented by Token Artists.

    • Dave's most memorable team aside from his Glass House appearances were with comedians Boogachatti and Papaganni at the Womberra festival from 1998-2002.

    • Hughes co-hosts the ABC comedy talk show The Glass House along with Wil Anderson and Corinne Grant. His catchcry gig-starter is variations on "You know what, guys? I'm not happy tonight... " followed by something inappropriate which he will then defend with gusto. It has been known lately to deviate into the surprising "I'm happy tonight...", or "I'm angry tonight...".

    • Recently, Dave has also appeared in a series of television commercials for Australian car manufacturer Holden.

    • Dave was dux of his graduating class at his Warrnambool high school.

    • Hughes barracks for the Carlton Blues [an victorian team] in the AFL.

    • Dave was the host of the August 20, 2006 Aria Hall of Fame show.

    • Dave came in equal second in Australia's Brainiest comedian which aired on the 17th of August 2006 on Channel 10...

    • Dave came scored the highest points in the second round of Australia's Brainiest comedian scoring 21 points.

    • Live Shows have included:
      1996 Hughesy And Friends Are Lying To The Government, Melbourne (The Rising Sun Hotel, Melb International Comedy Festival);

      1997 Facing Reality (Solo Show), Melbourne (Melb Town Hall, Melb International Comedy Festival);

      2000 Super Toasty Loaf (Solo Show), Adelaide (Cinema Nova, Adelaide Fringe Festival), Melbourne (Victoria Hotel, Melb International Comedy Festival), Sydney (Valhalla Cinema);

      2001 Full On (Solo Show), Melbourne (Melb Town Hall, Melb International Comedy Festival)

    • In 2003, he broke the record for the most tickets sold for a Melbourne Comedy Festival season ever.

    • Dave is an AFL fan supporting Carlton.

    • Dave Hughes is now engaged after he proposed to his girlfriend.

    • Dave Hughes appears on the Holden advertisements quite frequently in Australia. "Holden means a great deal to Australia"

    • Dave Hughes is the ever popular host for the Hughsy-Kate-and-Dave show on Australian Radio, Mon-Fri Mornings!

  • Quotes

    • Dave: (on hosting the 2007 Logie Awards) I've presented awards and done a few jokes at the Logies and got a laugh before. So hopefully they'll remember I was funny back then and give me another chance.

    • (The three thinks that make him happy)
      Dave: The audience laughing at my jokes, Carlton winning the footy and my girlfriend, Holly, smiling.

    • Dave: Initially, I just wanted to make a living as a comedian and, you know, I dreamed of being on radio and being on TV and now that's it's happened, I don't really dream of anything anymore. I try not to even think about it, you know. All I think about is, you know, sport.

    • Dave:"She wants to have kids. She's always talking about having kids, which freaks me out. It's a big commitment, you know. Recently she said to me, "Can we have kids in two years?", and I said, "Oh, I don't know about that, but we can have fish and chips tonight." (on his girlfriend, Holly)

    • Dave: I was the dux of a very bad year. I swear to God, I was. I was dux of the school, and if I wanted to do chiropractory, I wouldn't have been able to. I didn't get a very good score, but we had a shocker year that year.

    • Dave:"It really was getting to me. I mean, I was getting locked up, you know, not for being violent, but I just used to fall asleep on the road and stuff, you know. I'd wake up in the police cells and go, "Well, I don't want to be here." (on why he gave up drinking)

    • Dave: It wasn't until I was twenty-two that I started. I was in Perth. I was bumming around doing the labouring jobs and I thought, "I'm going to have a crack." I went on stage, not very well prepared, and I just died. It was just horrible. (on his first experience as a stand up comedian)

    • Dave: It's hard for me to get too serious. My motto is we're all going to be dead sometime, so relax.

    • Dave: Stopping drinking helped me focus, gave me the courage to try comedy. It was very scary for me and I reckon if I hadn't stopped drinking, I'd never have done it. I'd have stayed in the country town my whole life.

    • Dave: I'm angry

      (used frequently on the Glass House)

    • The following quotes are from his interview with Andrew Denton on the ABC's Enough Rope with Andrew Denton.

      About his first day of school:
      Dave: I was starting school and that was freaking me out, but one thing that did freak me out was that the coat hangers where you're meant to put your bags all had names above each hook signifying, obviously, the name where you were meant to put your hook. And everyone else could find their hook 'cause they knew their name but I, at that age, wasn't able to recognise my own name. So I was left alone thinking possibly I'm retarded.

      On being scared of going to a co-ed school:
      Dave: I seriously was scared of girls and every time... I said to Mum, "I just want to go to a boys school 'cause I think girls don't like me."

      On his first Stand up gig:
      Dave: Um...terrible. I'd been dreaming about it for about, what, eight years. I remember I went to bed one night as a 13- or 14-year-old and thought, "I know what I want to do. I want to be a comedian." It was always in my head. And it wasn't till I was 22 that I started. I was in Perth. I was bumming around doing the labouring jobs and I thought, "I'm going to have a crack." And I went onstage, not very well prepared, and I just died - I was just horrible. The lights come in your eyes and I just...it was like I was being interrogated. It was like, I felt like my whole life was just...I was just kidding myself, you know, so...

  • A talented comedian who at times lets his laconic drawl, reputation and tried and tested routines to pull him through.

    I was a huge fan of the Glasshouse and have seen the career of this fabulous comedian rise. I enjoyed and laughed as I saw the applause grow from lacklustre to thunderous as he became more popular on the Glasshouse. I a mistake though...I purchased his CD Whatever and listen to it from cover to cover. I cant tell a joke to save myself but at one point I am ashamed to admit could probably have recited most of this great CD. I also had the pleasure of seeing him perform live on more than one occassion.

    I think he is absolutely hilarious and great and what he does. He tends to use the same jokes again and again...I was so disapointed to see him live for the second time and have heard every single one of his jokes before. I am a huge fan of comedy and realise this happens from time to time. All comedians reuse jokes. But when I've heard every single one of the jokes before...it just gets old quickly. I don't go out of my way to listen to Dave Hughes at comedy festivals, on the TV or the radio anymore but still get the opportunity to tell the joke along with this great Aussie bloke. I just wish I didn't.moreless
  • He is the funniest man in Australia

    Dave Hughes is easy the funniest man in Australia from apperining in Before the game to the reasonly axed show the glass hous where he used to always up stade Will Anderson with quirkly one liners and his less then express come back. He as appered on plenty of Australian shows but is yet to expand into the overseas market. Dave reasonly got married to his long time girlfriend and is said to be very happy with married life. Dave is currently working on NovaFM in Melbourne as a radio show host. Dave Hughes is from south west victorian town of Warrnambool but has moved to Melbourne for workmoreless