Dave Lieberman





Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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Dave Lieberman is the host of Good Deal with Dave Lieberman on the Food Network. He is also the host of the web exclusive Food Network program, Eat This with Dave Lieberman. The host began his career in the kitchen at an early age of 4, where he began mixing different ingredients together. He had the guidance of his lawyer turned stay at home dad, Dale. While his father was at home with Dave and his younger brother Dan it allowed his mother Jane to work full time as a physician.

As a teenager, Dave work in several different resturants in the Philadelphia area where he grew up. When the decision came to college he decided against culinary school. His parents wanted him to receive a good degree, and he shuddered at the idea of becoming a resturant chef.

He chose Yale University and studied political science. Dave began a campus catering business. While attending Yale he began a local access program with friends called, Campus Cuisine. Yale and the city of New Haven provided some funding for the show because it featured local businesses and agriculture. Dave says the purpose of the show was to educate students on selecting affordable and good ingredients and simple receipies.

The show caught the attention of journalist, Amanda Hesser of The New York Times. She featured a front page article on Dave's cooking in the Dining In section of the newspaper.

After graduating in 2003, he moved to New York City to begin on his book and work as a private chef. The article in the New York Times was a spring board for his career with the Food Network. He has been called the network's hot new star.