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  • Dave Matthews, well what can I say. He's a very talented musician, who started with a small following back in 1990. I have been there since the beginning.

    I had never heard of Dave Matthews until mid 1993. My friend Jay got me to listen to a song called satellite from the album "Under the Table and Dreaming". I was hooked from then on.
    In 1996 I went to see him in concert for the first time and let me tell you, WOW. It was an amazing show. I have never seen anyone play an acoustic guitar like that before. I'm surprised the guitar didn't burst into flames, as hard as he was playing. I like his live albums a little better than his other albums. When he plays live, the songs are a little longer, you can feel the audience interaction, and he talks to the crowd some. I can't wait to see him next year, that is if Dallas is on his venue.I hope the Dave Matthews Band keeps putting out the hits like they always have been, and stay the musical Geniuses that they are.

    Jeremy Stinnett 10/12/05