Dave Mirra

Dave Mirra


4/4/1974, Syracuse, New York, USA

Birth Name

David Michael Mirra



Also Known As

Miracle Man, Miracle Boy
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On April 4, 1974, David Michael Mirra was born to parents Michael and Linda Mirra in Syracuse, New York. Dave's parents separated when Dave was five. Both Dave and his older brother, Tim stayed with their father in Chittenango, New York while their mother moved back to Syracuse.…more


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    • Dave: Man, you know it's crazy; there's so many. I could pick about ten on this street course I love to do. It's so hard to pick just one. You can do basically anything and link it into something else. To ride and be smooth while doing the hardest trick - that's my favorite part of riding.

    • Dave: It's something I've always done. I love it! It makes me feel good. It satisfies me at the end of the day. To go out and do some tricks you never thought you were going to do, and just progress, it's pretty amazing. It's just a goal, something that psyches me up. And, at the end of the day, I walk away happy when I've learned something new - something I thought was never possible.

    • Dave: It seems like I've been riding a bike my whole life.

    • Dave: (On Behind the Music) I love seeing what other people have had to go through to get their success. So those amp me up. Sometimes you see someone you might not like but then you see their story and you have a lot of respect for them, you might like them.

    • Dave: I want to do one thing the best I can, not five things mediocre.

    • Dave: Take your time and it will all happen.

    • Dave: I think kids need to remember to start slow, have fun and don't do anything that you are not capable of. I mean, that is the best way of staying healthy, is stick to what you know you can do.

    • Dave: Well, I have been riding my bike my whole life; my heart was in it from Day One. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about turning pro. I just spent my time being the best bike rider that I could and stuck with it and it kind of all happened.

    • Dave: It definitely makes you a bit more of a role model where kids can actually look up to you and see you on TV. TV is definitely, I think, the reason for success for any sport really. TV is where it's at and ESPN went ahead and did it for us. I am really amped on that.

    • Dave: (On his new bike brand) I hope, being in the game so long, I can have a good idea what the consumer is looking for without compromising a core image.

    • Dave: (On his new bike brand) Instead of promoting another brand that was someone else's, why not promote my own?

    • Dave: It's a miracle right there. To get any medal, especially a top three, is a pretty huge achievement.