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    • Dave Prowse is a keen supporter of Exeter City football club.

    • In 1964, at the age of 29, Dave was the first ever (aside from Donald Dinnie in 1860) to lift the Dinnie Stones (785 lbs).

    • As of 2006, the 71 year old Dave Prowse still trains and advises on fitness and nutrition for personal clients. He also travels around the world doing appearances at conventions and special events. Last year his self-published autobiography "Straight from the Force's Mouth" came out and he is currently writing two more books.

    • Dave's favorite role was the Green X Code man –a super hero character. He traveled around the world to schools teaching children about road safety. The campaign lasted 15 years.

    • Dave was a personal trainer for many celebrities, such as Christopher Reeves for his role in "Superman," Daniel Day-Lewis for "Last of the Mohicans," Vanessa Redgrave, Robert Powell, Edward Heath M.P., Peter Davidson, Sandra Dickenson, Jason Donovan, Shane Richie, Stephanie Powers, Gary Wilmott, John Barrowman, and the Prince of Saudi Arabia Khalid Bin Sultan Bin Abdul Azziz.

    • Dave did the lightsaber fighting with Alec Guinness in Star Wars "A New Hope," but for "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi," it was legendary swordmaster, Bob Anderson, that stunt doubled Dave and did all the fighting with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

    • As Darth Vader, Dave's soft and mild manner speech and thick Bristol accent, wasn't threatening enough for the character, so George Lucas over-dubbed his voice with actor James Earl Jones. This caused a sore spot with Dave that still lingers today.

    • After seeing Dave play a bodyguard in the movie "A Clockwork Orange," George Lucas offered him the role of Darth Vader.

    • In 1966, Dave's first acting performance was in Casino Royal as a Frankenstein monster.

    • Due to his height of 6'7" and muscular physique, Dave was often offered villainous or monster roles in films.

    • He won 3rd place in the World Caber Tossing Championship.

    • He was the Heavy Weight Champion in weigh lifting competitions from 1962-64.

    • He competed in the 1960 Mr. Universe contest.

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